Russians waiting for extraction

“Well men, we just killed one of the most powerful terrorist’s right hand man, job well done”


Fucking awesome, the posing is spot on. The DOF is just a little to much over done.

But really cool dude.

Also nice to see It’s bigger than 800x600 :smiley:

It’s really goddamn blurry, and it looks like you just stretched it up from 800x600.

The posing’s pretty good though.

Nice work for the most part…

my only nitpicks are as Dean said… very blurry… and the smoke is a bit… transparent… doesn’t look like smoke

you should’ve made the DOF make all three soldiers more visible

but I like the posing one the foremost guy

Posing is EXTREMELY well done, but the blur takes away from it a little. Overall, great pic :smiley:

everything’s great…but why they are evacuated by the american helicopter? ^)

smoke looks little

I knew someone was going to get me for that

Rather too blurry and the jpeg compression looks quite bad. Smoke is okay, but it could do with some dodging and burning to give it some 3D depth.

An okay picture overall.

Nice but I agree why are the getting picked up by a Pavelow?

Not sure, it was the only big helicopter model I had.

I’d guess a Pavelow is “more realistic” for russians than a little bird or a blackhawk :v:

otherwise, good work, exellent posing :smile: have an arti

Thank you :smiley: