Russwallac/Hydrallon's Amateur Garry's Mod Stuff

I’m fairly new at Garry’s Mod, but I like making stuff in it and taking pictures (derp). So, here’s what I’ve created. Tell me what you think! If you wanna see more, check out my DeviantART:

Keep on posing, I think you’ll become pretty good

New at Gmod you say? You got talent no doubt. Neat poses and I like the originality of this one.

I have no clue what’s going on in that one.

It’s just showing off the life cycle of Xenomorphs. There’s more info at my DeviantART.

A worker into a queen evolves does not.

Depends on what your sources are; they don’t in the movies, but in some games and comics they do.

In some of the comics, it’s a praetorian that evolves into a queen.

In the movies, I think it’s a special type of facehugger.

Well, seeing as how the movies with a special facehugger (Alien 3, Resurrection, and the AvP movies) were pieces of crap, I’ve decided to ignore them. Besides, they throw any sort of biological plausibility out the window.

Amateurs these days… back in my day, amateurs sucked, now they’re all awesome and stuff. Bah.

Either the definition of awesome has changed, or you’re just being nice. I’m not THAT good, but thanks!

Depends on what you’re comparing it to, I suppose. Are you at the level of the best? No, I’m afraid not. But, for someone just starting out, you are pretty good at this.

Yeah, I still need to work on lighting and scenebuilding… Finding good props is difficult though, and I have virtually no experience with image editing aside from some very basic stuff.

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Added another picture!

Heh, other people have told me I’m good with posing but not as good with lighting. Anyway, here’s another picture:

You need more explosions,guns,and bacon.

I can’t find any good explosion effects or models.

Reminds me of when I first started, Keep going!