Rust 2.0 Advice to legacy player

It seems the newer version has surpassed legacy(?) so I thought I’d give it a shot. I know that basics as a legacy player what is different? I’ve viewed basic building tutorials and other random videos but I still have questions as well.

I see the locking mechanic is completely different and you use keys;
I also see there appears level 2 lock that is a keypad does it make locks not need keys?

It seems you need a key to open your own lock and other players can obtain that key by killing you? Anyway to counter this(if i lose a key to a player can i swap the lock?)

All tiers of doors/Walls/floors can be hacked down with a melee? Highest tier takes around 45 minutes? Is there plans for a c4 only tier?

How do you get special items/bps and research them?

I know basic building but is there any advanced tricks to a more secure base?

Anything else I should know?

Ps is that terminator thing that gaurds the air drop in the recent news planned or just concept? Can never seem to tell if things in news are planned or just concept.

I’ll hit the bed soon so I will answer fast to some .
You need keys for your lock only if you don’t have the code lock but almost everybody will first look for that so they will have it from the start and not bother with it, now with the new patch you can upgrade it, so you can put the normal lock first if u want and then when you find the code lock you upgrade it.

Reinforced tier can’t be hacked down (you need 2 c4s for it), only the others can and stone takes a lot nonetheless, most people won’t bother with it. ALSO the metal tier, you can’t hack it down but it has only 200 hp so ONE c4 is enough to take it down

You get “special” items/bps from barrels(you will find many all around the map, they contain 1-3 random items),rad towns and airdrops.

Building tricks? just make your own designs if you want to have some fun or google it

-Dont bother building a wooden house, go directly from twig>stone>reinforced.
-Hunt barrels for codelock BP, having keys is a major pain
-Animals are nothing like they used to be in legacy, you will need a bow, and a lot of patience for hunting boars or stags
-Don’t venture into the snowy area without cloths, you will get too cold and die, same with getting wet at night

the keylock is really just a middleground to stop players walking into your house when you don’t yet have the codelock. i’d make a spare hey and hide it nearish to your house in case you get killed, but either way it’s intentional that your key can be stolen/lost.

first 2 tools you should make IMO are wooden spear then stone hatchet. the spear really makes all the difference on startup thanks to it’s range, and although the rock works, it’s still better to upgrade.

find cloth and open any barrels you see on the way. animals seem to be a bit more rare at the moment, and they run really fast from you. keep chasing them though, they get winded for a bit and move at your speed long enough to kill them. usual tactics of getting a bag down asap. better off with a bow for any further hunting.

building a base is cheap in twig, but weak as piss. use twig to figure out the placement, then upgrade. stone seems a bit rare too; depends on the map, but i agree with zomg, stone over wood if resources allow.

furnaces cost low grade fuel x100, and that costs a decent amount of cloth and fat.

You can kill animals only with a spear if u want, even a rock(but the rock will take time:D), just keep following them, they get tired after their first sprint.

Another reason to make a spear first is to fend of wolfs who will outrun you. If a bear takes chase you can outrun it barely if you don’t go uphill at all.

also having come from Legacy and now having several days of new Rust under my belt I would agree with the comments above and add the following:

  1. Radiation (rads) keep killing in this game. basically if you get to 50+ rads and you run away from a rad building it will usually take longer for those rads to come off of you then health. for example at 100 Rads and continues healing I went through about 500 health and only got down to 80 rads before dyings

  2. Rad Pills - if you have them. they do about 50 Rad reductions - take AFTER you get out of the Rad range.

  3. IMO this is the order of items to start:

  • Stone Hatchet - 200 wood, 100 Rocks
  • Wood Spear - 300 wood
  • cloth bandage x1, sleeping bag (6 cloth and 30 cloth respectively)
  • fire (100 wood)
    — cook food - WARNING you have to watch your food! if you go away for more then 30 sec to a minute food burns and is worthless.
    — Warning Fire burns! - stay close so you are 30% to 50% comfort, especially if cold/wet.

Note Cloth only comes from animals - Chickens are easy to kill, dear/boar run but can be chase them down, spears are your friends with wolves, Run from bears, flat land or downhill but not uphill. use ATL key while running if you need to look back, do not stop until you no longer hear a bear.


  • it gets cold in most places and you can die.
  • torches don’t last that long, get on a safe place like a stick platform and make a fire. if its not cold just wait it out. What I like to do is put down a 4x4 stick platform with short walls and 1 doorway near a bunch of trees and make a fire. I can then chop trees in the dark, if in danger get on the platform and into the middle. animals can’t get up and bears can only hit the distance of about 1/2 of a platform. yes they can get on them so short walls help.

LANTERN - this is your friend if you find one or can make one. they can last all night on 20-50 wood but do not give off heat for comfort or cooking. I have put 1000 wood in a lantern and it lasted days.


  • Paper - 100x wood
  • Plan - 1 Paper
  • lots of wood - about 50x wood per item


  • Rock: works on everything but slow

  • Stone hatchet: good on wood but use Rock on stone - same rate with less wear

  • Stone Pickaxe: great for rocks - do not use on trees

  • Hatchet: this steel bad boy is best for trees and corpses

  • Metal Pickaxe: best for rocks

  • icepickaxe (something like that): fast and good as weapon and rocks but not good on wood

  • spear: 2-3 shot a barrel, good on wolves, chickens and works on a bear if you have a lot of health and healing.

  • Guns - well they rock!

  • Urban Boots seem to be best in Cold

note - you can also overheat. you can get TOO COLD and TOO HOT. take stuff off or find a shade/house or up a hill

note - Deserts at night can be freezing!!

Just for a more accurate number, a full stack of 1000 wood will keep a lantern lit for just a touch over 11 hours (real world time). So basically, 11 Rust days of continuous use on 1 fill. If you turn it off during the day, you can go a long time between refills.

Well, yes. But only if you manage to track it’s whereabouts. They like to run at the same speed, regardless of incline, so they can lose you in the mountains if you’re unlucky.

I’m not sure I would agree with that statement. I’ve been playing the new Rust for almost 2 months now, but had never played legacy until the last few days. So I finally have some first-hand experience with it to compare.

I wouldn’t say that in terms of gameplay that the new Rust has surpassed the old. In terms of building, terrain, graphics, ambience, etc, it most definitely has. But the actual gameplay, loot, NPCs, etc, are still very much lacking compared to legacy. Much of the game content is either imbalanced or a placeholder at the moment.

That said, even though there’s “more game” in Legacy, I still prefer playing the new Rust. I’m enjoying Legacy for the time being and having some fun with it, but can’t wait for more content to be added to the new Rust.

  1. one more thing that can help you is to have a FULL rad set + if you don’t have that when you get out you can go into the water, it will make the rads go away faster OR you can just put a sleeping back out of the RAD range, collect the stuff, run to the sleeping bag, die, respawn collect the stuff and carry on.

Lantern - lasts about 11h with 1000 wood inside

Spear- don’t use it on barrels, take a bow with you, they go down in 1 max 2 hits and they get destroyed extremely slow.

DO NOT go into the water at night unless you know you can get to the other point without freezing to death and the Plate Chest makes you colder so take it off if you don’t necessarily need it in your house or some other safe place.

I’ve seen lanterns placed outside other player’s houses that seem to be code locked.
How do you do that? I have lanterns and can’t seem to be able to place the lock on them. The lock will go in the lantern slot but it doesn’t do anything.
If I place a lantern outside my door, can someone take it or do I have to lock it down>

better to start a new thread then to revive one last active a month ago, but anyway;)

haven’t locked a lantern myself, but i presume you would do it the same as locking a door, ie put into hotbar, select the lock and left click when targeting the lantern to apply the lock. as for the lantern it stays in place. not sure if they can be destroyed at the moment, but they cannot be picked up once placed.

First off, decide if your lone foxing it or clan banging. IMHO

For clan banging, all you will need to survive is within the clan. They are walking user guides.

For the Fox, there is NO long term protection, therefore keep your footprint low and carry a big stick Bo. I miss the days when surviving was possible on long wipe servers as a fox.

Build many small out of the way stone shacks with the bear essentials. As you sly around, surviving, find as many blueprints as you can in barrels, lucky airdrops, and radtowns using the sleeping bag/suicide method. The more blueprints, the easier to get up your power after being killed. It doesn’t take many resources to outfit yourself with guns once you get a blueprint. Remember health is your ally. Get good at being the fox, invisible, sneaky and sly. Just this method alone would easily entertain for 3-4hrs.

The less you own, the less you are a target. Even with the regular wipes, ownership is futile. Helk wins, like we ever doubted it. Like an earlier post called it “resource cows”. Be a proficient nomad, living off the land and other Newman’s. Keep it lean and only make what you need. Players are all around scavenging for resources, like resource cows waiting for the milking if your cunning enough. Get in and get out. There is no long-term goal in Rust for the fox outside of joining a clan and fighting each other back and forth, back and forth.

Stay clear of the Rust rabies though.