Rust 2.0 cheaters.

atm on Facepunch moscow 2 this cheater he killed us throught wall 50+ times. also he can walk throught walls and use our tool cupboard …and he looted all our items throught wall

You’re not far from the cheater himself. Bring proof + send a mail to EAC, cheaters are just like viruses, the antivirus updates, it defends against the virus, new version of virus appears again antivirus must be updated to defeat it. There will ALWAYS be cheaters in every game you will ever play, don’t think for a second you played one that didn’t have at least a few of them.

this is not cs…where u can play 1-2 games with cheater … this is rust where u spend mass time…1 day…1 week…1 month, for build, loot etc. Then 1 cheater coming and destroy all. so mb some admins on official servers? before cheaters scare all players away

Or play on community/modded servers, there are good ones out there you just need to look for them.

I do wish that FP could just recruit some admins through the forums or something to watch over the officials. Even volunteer support is better than no support.

Another crap thread about cheaters… On the plus though …you are the official 1000th Crap Cheater Thread Poster in FP Forum History!! I’m sure the community will come up with a real great prize for you!

Any reason you feel like a volunteer admin on an official server would be a bad thing? It’s not like they have to give them full privilege, there should be a way to limit their power to kicking/banning.

Hiring people with ID and everything (so over 18) that would be punished if they try to abuse it in any way. That would be the only method to get admins there else everybody will yell abuse the moment they get killed by someone or lose their home over the night because it was supposed to be “impossible to raid”

P.S: I’ll clarify, I don’t really want to see admins on officials so nobody will have to complain about those but I’m saying in case they want to do it that might be the only way so they can be held accountable in case something happens.

I think volunteer admin solution has another inherent set of issues… abuse, ineffectiveness, etc… The closest case study (based on population) would be Rustafied’s server. They are very vanilla… they do have admin oversight… Are there still cheaters? Do people cry about abuse? Are the admins kind of dicks? Do the admins in fact abuse? These are all questions… I don’t know… but as I said… Rustafied has tops of 200 people… after a wipe we see officials around what…130 maybe… so thats why I liken it to the closest working case study of an “Offical Server with Admins”.

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My question is… why are peoples anti-cheat mods better than what FP is paying VAC and EAC to provide? People have no problems coming up with anti speed, jump, fly mods…that WORK… so wtf is VAC and EAC doing… trying to “Figure it out”…wtf… you are getting paid… FIGURE IT OUT!!!

Bit of advice; Don’t get too attached to your stuff on an Alpha game where hackers are still an issue.

Sounds like you are issuing a challenge. Hmmm?

that’s pretty subjective really. EAC bans are happening regularly, they just don’t go through the effort of letting everyone know they are doing what they are paid for. it’s kind of a given. but each time they patch a cheat, more are developed. the game is never going to be cheat proof, but there are a hell of a lot less hackers than there were IMO.

Did you even legacy bro?
EAC killed like 90% of them and still does, I haven’t met one cheater yet in experimental while in legacy there was one speedster at least joining daily if not more of them. There’s no game ever that will not have any cheater in it, if you think you played one of them you’ve been fooled.

Easy answer for that one. Because EAC and VAC make sure no false-positives are created. People’s anti-cheat mods have kicked me a lot before due to lag or other random glitch shit happening.

About systems like RustDB, cheater databases etc., they don’t fucking work well enough, every legit Legacy player I know has at least 1-2 RustDB entries including myself, created by false-positives. My RustDB ban entry says “get the fuck out then” which was caused because I called the admin a dickhead :D.

My point is: Creating a solid anti-cheat system with no false-positives that effectively kicks out all the cheaters is practically impossible to create. The best right now is VAC combined with EAC and they’re doing great work but you have to start accepting the fact that there will always be some cheaters.


EAC ban waves are happening. I just don’t know of any public lookup system like there is for VAC. The only way to know if you’re EAC banned (other than the console telling you you’re EAC-banned when you try and join a secure server) is for EAC knubbe or one of the other EAC folks to come and confirm that a Steam ID is or is not banned.

If anti-cheat’s so easy, why don’t you found your own anti-cheat startup and compete with EAC?

Lol :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve always admitted the cons of systems like RustDB and that it can’t be applied as a permanent solution, it’s more like a bandage with side-effects and it’s arguable whether it does more good than bad (majority agrees it does more good)

And yeah creating a perfect counter to a cheat is in some cases many hundreds times harder than creating the cheat. And if it’s not near perfect it’s not really acceptable

lol wtf he did the same on my team on Facepunch Milan few days ago! i reported him and posted a thread on reddit bout it! IT’S THE SAME FUCKING GUY WITH THE SAME FUCKING NAME! :v

he killed us with an Hatchet, while invisible, inside our house.

then he died for no reason.