Rust 2.0 : PROS & CONS

Dear developpers,

First, thanks for making a new game. I’ve played arround 300hours on the Legacy version, there was awesome moments.
The new version of the game is really good too but there is a lot of frustrating things that are not good assets for the game even if frustration is one of the key of the Rust gameplay.

Cons first :

  • The key feature for doors is the baddest thing of the actual version.
    Even it could be a good idea on paper, in game it’s actually driving people insane.
    One : you can’t secure a house you’ve been building for hours. Even if you have only one door (and I believe others players, as myself have about 3-5 doors), if you die with your key and for any reasons (bug or other) and can’t respawn in your house you’re done with your house.
    There is about 10 scenarios that can lead of the lost of every thing because of that key system !
    The digital lock was really a better way to secure house
  • The new drag&drop system is really frustating too and is not user friendly !


  • It’s beautiful ! Really !
  • The new construction system, all my community love it
  • all bioms are awesome !
  • Optimisation : Hight FPS with old computers

So please … do something about those keys

I just booted the game up today just for kicks, and oh my lawd the game looks gorgeous!! I also second the biomes, loooove the snow. I have yet to experience the key problem however. Although it is still being worked on so I can’t complain.

Garry already said he was just experimenting with the key system, as he has a number of ideas for locks in the new Rust.
He also said in the new devblog that he’s working on a new system to be released this week :smile:
And, from the Rust Updates Twitter:

So I think great times are coming shortly!

So lets look at your list of cons with the latest fixes…

I actually like the key system. Makes you have to be cautious. For example, I do all my farming nowhere near my base. As for the losing your key, thing, just leave spare keys in boxes next to your doors. It’s really that simple… Also, coded locks are coming this week.

If you have played as long as I have you are forced to be creative and personally I don’t even use a lock/key. It isn’t needed, IF you get really creative

Anyone try making boxes and boxes of keys in your house? I imagine only carrying a key to your front door, then having the other 5 keys to your house hidden in the bottom right hand corners of 5 of 20 boxes full of keys. Would force at best cause your burglar to move items around in his inventory approximately(([Box capacity]*20)*5 )*2 times.

Really I just got a new video card and the game runs like shit. Your one of the lucky ones if the game runs smooth for you congrats…