Rust 2D Version

Ok guys, so since i haven’t been able to get a key for the actually game, i have decided to start developing a 2D version of the game.

find it here-

Its not even close to what rust is now, i only have the sprites and other little tidbits in. But it will get up to speed soon as the 2D version of Rust. So Enjoy :smiley:

As someone who also hasn’t been able to play this game for lack of a key I really appreciate your creation!

Thanks :smiley: , i would love it more if you could go and comment what exactly what you would like to see in my game… Thanks !

Seems pretty cool, could turn into something good one day! =)

I too haven’t got a key and have attempted to make a map like rust (Without the dead tree’s etc)


Inspired by rust:P
It’s abit prettful for a rust type game though:S Any idea how to adapt on mine?:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks nice, can you tell me what program you have been using to make that?

You people are REALLY getting desperate.

Same as Rust, Unity3D.

I must agree. This has gone WAAAY too far.

But I must say, it’s kinda interesting to watch.

Well… Its Something

lmao scratch

i havent seen that in forever

Wow the graphics on it are awesome lol. Gj

I wonder what Gary would (or will) say about this post…

you’ll get banned for replicating core functionality of a facepunch studios limited game

Making your own knock off of a game that is in pre-alpha stage.


Edit: This isn’t even a game.

How are you replicating something you haven’t even played?

I can’t even think up of a metaphor for how fucking ridiculous this is.

Who said i needed to play it to have an idea of what is in it?

Eventually Helk and Pat are kidnapped and forced to give blues keys.

What scares me is that you just received criticism for this idea from people who have played the game/people who have a brain, and your reply suggests that you’re still %100 confident with the concept and are planning to go through with it.

Good luck

We all want to play Rust? He made something so why not try it out and give him credit?

Garry has created a cult who worships this game. It’s not even that great. It’s ok, and it’s got potential, but it’s nothing particularly special yet.