Rust 3D Intro! Please check it out, worked hard on it.

After over a week of obsessing over this game, finally made something I’d be proud of. Took about 4 days to render the 3D…no lie so be sure to watch in 720p :downs:. Can’t wait to play the game, as I’ve had no luck in the livestream giveaways. Anyway hope you guys enjoy this intro I made! MSG on YouTube if you would like any work done, we might be able to work something out. -D3

Programs Used:
Cinema 4D (with Thrausi Plug-in)
After Effects CS5 (with ALOT of Third Party Plug-ins)

You should make the logo dissolve into rust powder at the end, like it’s blowing away in the wind. also that explosion on the word rust seems out of place. somehow different then the rest. Just my opinion.

it looks really cool

Why does this make me think of Transformers…

I like it, But “rust” Should be “Rust”?

The lowercase R makes it look better.

It like it… a lot.

It does look amazing but what cought me was the fact that “rust” is next to the rad symbol. just seems out of proportion. the left side is much more filled than the right side of the screen.

Yea I guess, I did want to concentrate more on the logo. :smiley:

Nice :smiley:

Nice job! I feared that you were another one of those people who just take a terrible 3D intro template and call it their own. But this is obviously more than that unless someone can prove otherwise. Again, good job!

I promise you I made this all myself :slight_smile:

Did you make the music yourself?

I didn’t, I use multiple royalty free music/sound-fx webstes.

Its a, really awesome Intro i like it!

It’s rather well made.

Thanks a lot man!

Not to complain about this too much, It’s actually really good, Just it being a lowercase “r” kind of makes me crazy, I can’t think of a game that has it’s name in lowercase in it’s intro, But the devs should check this intro out it’s really cool!

Rust’s official logo is with a lowercase “r” though.

Oh, It is? I saw several logos that were with an upper case R, I thought it looked a bit better, can you post a picture of the logo with the lowercase?

Just go to or “rust” is always lowercase :slight_smile: