Rust 3D Intro! Please check it out, worked hard on it.

That is really cool dude! :dance:

that was epic :smiley: great job man

nice work, but I think that font is really out of place.

~deleted post~

Maybe but it is the official Rust font, so I tried to be as accurate as possible.

Wait, what?

What’s with the random wireframe cloud that pops out of nowhere at 0:05, and what’s with the random RGB splits? This is nice for practice, but to be honest it takes a whole lot out of the AE book of clichés.

hey man it’s just 2mlg4u

You mean this guy?

PM’d on Youtube :slight_smile:

100% made this for a key, no doubt.

At least he did something great instead of asking :slight_smile:

Or he could just wait like everybody else.

Very nice you should make the word ‘‘rust’’ be shot and thus destroyed

Ya many people have told me I should of done something like that. Anyway thanks for the constructive criticism.

Oh man I can’t wait for the mlg dubstep high wubwub octane cocaine headshot bootyfuck frag clips using this.
[sp]It’s completely unfitting to the game and doesn’t follow the style, also you spent way too much time needlessly adding in gimmicks like the wireframe “explosion”[/sp]

This is awful, it doesn’t fit in with what Rust is supposed to be.

Cinema 4D and AECS5? Plugins? I hope you paid for all of those.

Not sure, its far to much… “Fuck yeah epic blockbuster movie opening”'ish, it should be more silent and mysterious. Like the game.