rust 4X Scope should = larger no build zones oround loot ereas.

rust 4X Scope should = larger no build zones oround loot ereas. becouse as it is now when ppl get em, gl looting when u got ppl sniping from bases hasent been an insane issue this far since the scope just got released,but at next wipe,its gonna be a huge problem.

You’re aware that you can move while looting right?

With basic clothing, you can tank 2-3 bolty shots on full health unless they are headshots.

yeah ofc, and alot of ppl dont know but thats not the talking obout tower bases with a bunch of guys with those scopes close to rad towns you have any idea how easy it is to headshott whit that scope,
wait and se man lol. its gonna be death to rust if that aint fixed.its all obout balance man, why do you think they had a zone in the first place.

this is an overly overeaction rust it not gonna die because of the invention of a scope lol

Scope takes out the skill and experience factor and you’ll end up with Noobs camping high ground sniping all day. It’ll make for quite a bit of rage quits.

honestly im wondering why geared people never carry walls with them we killed yesterday 6 people from the tower with bolts all of them geared one did getaway and we followed them to their tower.
They did the exact samething as we did we used walls survived killed a lot of them cameback and raided them.

I agree with op Roofcamping is now twice as lethal as before but its not complete overkill. If youre playing smart you can get easily around it.

well prob most of the ppl that do play rust aint experts in it, but they are the most important players in this game, becouse it keeps all the servers full. ive been an admin in arma for several years and building range restrictions from hige loot ereas have always been a really important factor in epoch/exile survival mods when it comes to how popular a server would be.
its just a fact,and thats why i made this post.

Gonna try this rad tower thing out since so many people are complaining about it.

I think it was a great add on but if there’s roof snipers climbing the dome will be quite hard from now on.

fuck the snipers, i still going on in get loots as naked as ever did before… stop crying for nothing. play it, is hard? you lose everything? learn how to play smart and stop crying, i started alone this wipe again, and i dub get some partnears soon