Rust account for TF2 stuffs

Hi, I’m BFG9000. If you are reading this you are probably a bandwagoner from Yogscast who found out about this game by watching their overrated let’s plays. Lucky for us, you found out about this game a month or two late, as Garry has cut off the supply of keys to average members.
As you can tell, many people like you have also come to this forum, hoping to get a key or an account so that they too, can [del]play[/del] “help test” the buggy and unoptimized, unsuitable-for-release DayZ clone that is Rust.
I for one, have tested the game myself before; unfortunately nowadays I frequently find myself using older, deprecated technology that cannot handle the graphics-hungry Rust.
As such, since I am not using my account, why let it go to waste? It’s potentially another tester to help Garry get his game in working order. I have therefore decided to extend my generosity to the FacePunch community (mainly the many great people who have contributed a LOT to the forum since their registration in June-July 2013) and am announcing that I am giving away my Rust account.

The only thing I ask in return is that the recipient give me a certain TF2 item (unfortunately, it is relatively rare). The item in question, of course, is the Ghastly Gibus. You must NOT give me the Gibus in TF2 Gift Wrap, or else I will reject it.
I hope all interested persons will post their offers below! I will check back in 18 hours.

but im poor

I have a Ghastly Gibus and i am willing to trade :slight_smile:

Also i did sign up for rust but my account got deleted i think :frowning:
and i got banned on here for a few days and i never came back on until 2 weeks ago so that’s why my post counts low

Also here is some proof i blurred out the name in case anything happens also my steam name is OneMinecraftMan

I have been looking for a key a long time now i dont have Ghastly Gibus i have many other good items. check my steam Inventory and tell me if you want something i also trade dota2 items if you are interested i added you as friend my steam name is DEaThlY_Wave and my real name is Chris


iirc GB is worth 900$

What’s the point of blurring out your name if you say what it is anyway?

I ment to blur out my main steam account name and went retard and blurred all of my names out :L

i will trade you all my tf2 inventory + the ghastly gibus i have allready sent you a friend request i’m b’oh| loaf

side note i can add dota 2 items and steam trading cards if you want more.