Rust account giveaway

This streamer is giving away a rust account at 100+ viewers, join us if you want it! (Fast, he is going to leave soon)


awesome lol

Sorry, he is not going to give away because People come not for loving the stream, just to win the key.
He will do it random an other day, he’s right actually :wink:

He didn’t help himself with the title of the stream as “Rust Account Giveaway?! Stick around and find out!”

I’m just saying, it would of happened anyways.

You are right, follow him and come back later, he will do it random. Gl on that one :wink:

Like I said to my mods, I feel like people who actually invest their time to something should always get rewarded. Why should people who just take advantage of things get rewarded? It doesnt make any sense when people spent couple hours watching me and then they tell people to come and when people do come, the give away starts and some random guy who just came in for 1 minute wins. You will be like damn… I spent this much time watching him and some guy who I told to come just wins the account and leaves…

It’s not going to change in either way, he is a streamer on Twitch, and he simply put the topic as “Rust Account Giveaway?! Stick around and find out!”

So ofcourse, everyone who joined the stream was only going for the key, not for loving the stream, that is how many people are reacting on Twitch.

So even if he did wait a few days before giving it out, people would still scream and shout in the chat “WHEN IS THE GIVEAWAY OF THE RUST ACCOUNT?!?!?”

exile1ck >> give one key for PIPOCA_BR in your stream

I actually don’t believe in the shit that I’d be so lucky, so I actually just checked his stream for fun.

i want one

Quit bumping this thread please, the guy is watching chat and random youtube videos. He’s not playing rust.

GOD DAMNIT you fucked it up ppl if you post a stream he ain’t giving away shiat so stop!

he hasn’t got a key to give in the first place anyway , a friend of his has one, but not him, he just did that to get followers and views. I went to his stream like 3 days ago and that was the case, he was looking for a key himself. him and his friend only have 1 account for both. I guess their plan is to reach the requirements for a streamer to get a key so they can play together.