Rust account got deleted?

I made an account back when you only had to enter random codes as keys and only played once or twice right after that.
I tried to log in with my email recently but it says it its not connected to any account, has anything been changed since I made my account that would explain this?

guess you need a key now

Provide me with your user name + password and I will think about looking into the issues for you.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Dumb" - SteveUK))

God your smooth

Oh wow, you must be a real rust moderator! I PM’d you all my information including my password to my email account so you can fix this silly error!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If only he had more than about 7 posts… That might have had a slight chance of working.


Sure just send me your credit card details and I’ll sort it out.

Only kidding, you’re trying to tell us you got your account through a random code (which isn’t at all legit) now you’re complaining you can’t get your account back with a key that isn’t yours.

He’s talking about when Rust first got released for Public Alpha testing, when anyone could just sign up for an account without getting a Alpha key like you have to now.

Think ya need a key bouy

Garry once made a post very early into the beta where he said to just enter random crap into the spot where you entered the key until it worked. I’m not sure if I got a key from that or was lucky enough to get one earlier but I was able to play at one point.

I was just curious if Garry deleted all the account that got keys that way or not.

he didn’t, you just got the email wrong

Don’t worry guys, I can help you out here. Just email me your credit card info at [EMAIL=“”] and I’ll get it sorted out. It seems to be a database issue, so we might need to install this software as well.

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The other guy is a fake, this is 100% legit ok thanks

If you want to play Rust in the meantime I could lend you my account, I don’t use it too much after all
Although I’ll eventually be wanting it back of course

this guy is lying the only real way to get a key is

it uses CASH4KEYS™® technology to ensure that the key you get is a legit one!

stop lying to him about how to get rust keys. and dont post screamers or fake emails and virus’s

Goddamnit seriously?

I have my last keys siitting here, I’ll give them to the first person in the thread to quote my post and rate me Friendly.

I think you can be banned for doing things like this, getting people to do things for you before you give them something you don’t intend/don’t have in the first place to give them. Though I may be wrong and will take my just abuse if I am.

Lets if hes telling the truth :stuck_out_tongue: