Rust Account Help

My friend let me use his account to try rust before i bought it and when i went to log in it says " Your account has been banned “Leaked Account” is there anyway this can be fixed or i can logout of it so i can buy it myself??

You can log out and buy a key by, I don’t know, hitting the large “Sign Out” Button on the top of the screen.

That’s the thing there isnt one…

Why would it be so easy to do if you were banned? Heh.

You’re not wanted around the game if you’re banned. Why make it trivial to be able to sign into a different account?

It’s not my account as i said up top my mate let me use it and when i went to go use it it said leaked account…

Today’s grammar lesson is on the use of the generalized “you” as opposed to addressing the speaker directly. I was also replying to tigerman4111 about how the sign out button disappears if you’re signed into a banned account.

If you can find the correct URL to log out (this isn’t it, but something like, you should be okay. I don’t know what it is, but it’s been posted in this subforum before. Try searching.

ok thanks

Sorry I had no idea you couldn’t sign out of a banned account :confused: