Rust account up for grabs

hi guys fist post here, i recently brought a rust key and registered it but am now going to afghan and chances are wont be playing this again so rather than let it sit there doing nothing i thought i would let someone have it for what i paid $23.
Will give you the email address and rust password.
I dont know if i can post this here but please let me know if not.#Thanks

I don’t think this is allowed… You can, however, request a refund.

Buying, selling and trading rust accounts will most likely get you banned. If you want to get your money back, try asking for a refund. You could even make a giveaway if you feel generous.

Oh ok fair enough i was not aware how do i get a refund?

It’s on the top of the Rust forum :slight_smile: Shows you where to submit a ticket.

Oh ok thanks have submitted a ticket so we will see.
thanks for you help.