RUST - adding game to GeForce Experience?

I have a gaming laptop with a GeForce GT740M and Intel i7-4700MQ ant 16G of RAM and SSD

when I go into the Geforce experience UI it is searching c:\program files and c:\program files(x86)\ but only shows Elder Scrolls and WOW but not RUST or any STEAM games.

how do I get them to shop up so I can deal with the game lag? it seems that the laptop is using the intel HD chip instead of the Geforce one for rust.


From what I’ve seen you can’t use programs to launch rust if that’s what you’re after. I’ve tried using RadeonPro to monitor fps and maybe use some triple buffer, but the game won’t show secure servers in elevated mode.

GeForce Experience hasn’t registered Rust as a game yet, especially because it’s still very heavy in development. The option I would recommend for you is to use Nvidia Inspector, which also lets you set other options in terms of performance. They currently do have a profile for Rust (under the name “RUST”), and there you can more efficiently set the settings for it.

Another thing you can do if you don’t feel like dealing with the higher-end tech stuff, you can go to the Nvidia Control Panel by right-licking on an empty spot on your desktop, selecting “Nvidia Control Panel”, and adding the Rust.exe to the list. It still won’t show up on GeForce Experience, but now it will definitely run on your Nvidia GPU.

This actually worked out great. I am getting a lot more frames at higher resolution now. thanks

Make sure you also mess with the F2 settings as I’ve found turning down terrain and shader can dramatically improve fps. I went from like 40 to 150+ fps from messing with settings. I average around 90.

I have my settings pretty low also… I could get around 50 fps with ultra, but I rather have the wiggle room so I turned everything to the lowest without it looking like shit. Here are my settings: