Rust addon development?

Is there a documentation for actually coding a addon for rust or what? (Rust Experimental)

Client-side modding for Rust is risking an anticheat ban so it’s basically a dead end for now.

Server-side modding is an unsupported by the devs. Look up the communities for Oxide, Pluton, Fourgite/Magma, etc. Those are server modding platforms for Rust, and plugins sit atop those. They have their own sites and forums, and discussion on how to make plugins for those platforms is better held there, where the experts are.

Which one would you use?
Which one is more widely used? I’m assuming it’s Oxide?

yup oxide is a good one, i used this also for “7 Days to Die” before when I played those games :smiley:
I suggest this one :smiley:

PS.: this addons is almost up to date :slight_smile:

oxide seems to be more prevalent on the servers; that said, every time i say that, a few pluton supporters come charging in to promote their system as being more popular.

Lol, oxide is by a huge margin more widely used. Never used Pluton or the others so I can’t comment on them more than that.

I thought oxide didn’t really have much for hooks in 7DTD. Are there mods out there? I couldn’t find any, but i’m a nubsack…

Pluton offers performance on Experimental, and the code tests are pretty much showing that It’s farther more optimized than Oxide 2.0.

Here is a little peek on Python

Fougerite offers stability on Legacy mostly, where the crashes/floods were fixed.

there you go, called it:)

So what? Oxide fanbois are okay, but Pluton fanbois are not?

it’s not about fanboism.

oxide is literally the only system i have seen in use in the hours i have played rust; but every time i say that oxide is more popular here, suddenly the pluton crew charge in to “save the day” and let us all know that pluton is so much more popular/efficient/active than oxide.

it’s amusing. you guys should work in politics.

Sadly, Pluton is not even close to Oxide’s userbase :frowning:
I used to be an Oxide user myself when I had my legacy servers, but since Pluton came around I switched and wouldn’t even think about going back. It really comes down to personal preference tho… I’m not saying Pluton is superior, but it centrainly isn’t inferior either! It’s just not as widely known, maybe because Oxide kept their name when going to ‘Experimental’ and it was already widely used.

I almost sense hard feelings. The Pluto support here has been very levelheaded so far.

nah, it’s been a thing for ages. before your time, mate;)

iscripters, i’m honestly not having a dig at pluton; i haven’t used it, so i have no idea if it is good or not. but literally every time i say that oxide is the more popular of the 2, a few specific people come to the rescue for pluton;) it’s nice/amusing to see such loyalty, but it’s predictable like clockwork, and feels like devs advertising their product covertly.

Yeah, that’s because I drop links to threads like this in the Pluton IRC, indeed in an effort to advertise :smiley:

I think it’s a legit move to advertise for something they think is better. I mean the cluelessness of the masses made us use microsoft windows. The most popular thing isn’t always the best and we see that in music, politics and in many other places.

Fine with them pretending it’s better, it may be true or not and it obviously is subjective… But it being more popular or not is not a subjective matter, it’s a fact or a lie and when advertising is based on a lie, it’s called false advertising and it usually does more bad than good.

I’ve been coding plugins for Rust for 2 years now and until recently I didn’t even know there was any other plugin platform for Experimental than Oxide. Legacy has a couple… Says a lot about the popularity of Pluton.

yes I totally can see the xbox vs playstation debate here. Or Windows vs Linux.


My hosting provider supports Oxide, and nothing else. I’m not saying its not possible install something else, but when the web control panel on a server has a button marked “Plug-ins”, and its exclusively Oxide plug-ins, and their trivial to install and update, it seems to me that the Oxide guys own all relevant mindshare.