Rust - Admin abuse #power | (UK) The Walking Rust Server

This is a small video of the admins power for hunger! We just started playing and just wanted to be left alone. They did their daily tour raiding people. I recorded with shadow play and lost the last part where they shot us all. Lost the last part because I did shift tab. But there will come much more soon.

I would recommend everyone not to join their server since they can not handle criticism from players, which result in players being banned. This is also because they make their own rules. Obviously I can not prevent you guys joining their server, but provide you guys with a “heads up”. I definitely recommend that you join another server, so you guys will avoid cheaters, admin abuse, item spawns, unfairly raid, raid when everyone is going offline and the most important of all: Admins hunger for power!

Admins hunger for power:

Three fucking threads you have made now, will you ever stop?

That video shows nothing

He was banned, and again the video shows nothing.