Rust Admin Command - Spawn?

is there a spawn Bear/Wolf/animal? at location or at player?

how about a spawn resource like respawn all the rocks/trees/barrels?

I am finding that rocks are re-spawning but not near the populated areas like they did in Legacy

Not without plugins, but even then I’m not sure that there are plugins that do specifically that (I don’t run a server so I haven’t gone looking for plugins).

There are commands for despawning resources on the map so that the spawning system repopulates the whole map, but that’s for dealing with things like when ore spawned underwater, and eventually all of the ore on land would be gone and have respawned in the water. (garry pushed out a fix, and rather than have people wipe their servers, he added functionality to wipe the nodes and have them repopulate)

I know about the de-spawn commands I used it a couple of times to jump start the spawning again.
del autospawn/resource/ores removes the rocks.

right now I really want a spawn command to spawn items like rocks/bears/wolves - making the game interesting. think mindcraft - spawning a bear in a house :slight_smile:

yes, add the Build plugin. it allows admins to spawn in any animal where they are looking.

Why do I have a feeling txiah’s going to have a 1x1 with 500 bears in it, with an unlocked door and a sign that says “DO NOT OPEN”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d do it too.

well… not saying I’ve done that… but it is pretty funny… from what I’ve heard.

You can spawn animals, resources, barrels etc. in a Vanilla server without a mod–Took me a hella long time to figure it out but I did. use the entity.create command, or come to my server Tin Roof Rusted I’ll show ya, it is sort of a bitch and I am not about to type it all out here!

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Trying to make a vid explaining this, anyone gimme a good free game recorder link?


I like it man! Thanks for the link, it works well.