RUST:Admin Singapor 1 facepunch banned me for nothing

Im never got vac banned in my steam and im play with my friend but today they banned me by nothing. Im never hack rust game or steam online game you can check my steam profile and go check vac website. I never been banned. It doesnt make sense why I got ban today help me please Im contact facepunch facebook it seem no one care about me where is this game supporter you dont care player like me?

Can you connect to other official servers? If not, what is the error you receive?

yes I can connect to all server but when Im connect to facepunch singapor server it say you banned from this server

exact words matter;) what specific message do you get?

when Im connect to singapor 1 server it say you banned from this server is it clear? …

So it’s says “You are banned”?

When it’s says “EAC: banned” (or something like that) its a completely different problem.

Thats why he’s asking, is it clear?..

It’s a bug. EAC told us about this. Look at the other forum post about this. They will fix this and unban you.

hey really thankyou dude good news…but when…

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I didnt use cheat and didnt got vac banned just singapor server banned me…

cinder, we can’t really assume its the same issue with the information given by the op, but i appreciate your help:)

When there is a known bug, it seems a bit foolish to me not to tell players that it might be that bug.

You are asking players questions, but for some reason you are not telling them there is currently a new bug resulting in false bans.

A ton of people got banned due to this bug, and EAC has said it is a bug in the game.

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I agree with this though. Some bans will be real.

hope this will fix soon

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Im hope dev fix it soon for the false banned

it may not be relevent depending on the notice he is getting on trying to join the server. no point telling him about the issue with EAC if for example it said “you have been banned from this server” ie a admin ban. or if it said “vac banned”.

try to connect to this server and see if it helps :wink:

2 different things.

You’re not VAC banned or EAC banned,you were banned by the Server admin.
What did you do before you got banned,perhaps the mod in charge of the Singapore server can clarify?(if he deems it worth his time)

These false bans were in fact an error between EAC, Rust, and Steam, and official servers incorrectly added people to the banlist. This has been corrected already, and no contact by players is needed unless their ban on that specific server persists.

Also, official servers are not actively monitored, so there are no “mods in charge” other than the devs themselves, and they’re not assigned to babysit specific servers for periods of the day (that I know of).