Rust admins, need some help

I believe there is a server side sanity check for doors so that people can’t walk through doors that appear open. Either it was changed in a recent patch, or the server I play on has this set wrong because people are walking through doors like crazy on our server as of late. I was able to do it last night a few times in my base. Does anyone know what the server.cfg setting is for this?

I believe it may be truth.enforce “true”. I also have cheaters.log “true”

truth.enforce true is what you want for this, fwiu.

Thank you. Have you all seen this issue or is it just a bad default config on my server? We moved hosts recently, should have been a vanilla install.

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be on by default but that may have changed…

I remember before cheatpunch I had to actually turn this off so I could teleport people without them getting dc’ed.