Rust + Age of Empires =

Server: [PVP/SLP/FASTCRAFT/DOORS/NEW] - Current Age: Stone
IP: net.connect

Website for full details:

As of yesterday we re-launched our vanilla Rust server into something brand new. We call it Ages of Rust and it’s a take on the Age of Empires series of games. The server is broken into 4 ages, all of which last exactly one week (the server is NOT wiped between ages, progression remains). When the first age begins, drops, researching, and crafting are all very limited (it’s essentially the stone age). As players progress through the ages these limitations will begin to unlock, with each age having a very unique feel. At the end of the last age (one month total) the server will be wiped and the ages will start anew.

The 4 ages are: Stone, Gunpowder, Metal, and Tech (see the website for details on item progression throughout the ages)

There will be various events at the end of each week to celebrate the upcoming age, as well as an admin and community run trading post in the center of the map as many items in our version of Rust are drop-only, meaning trading with other players will be necessary.

The server is run by experienced, non-abusive (we only use rcon to help players, not ourselves) admins who take our role very seriously. Oxide and various plugins are enabled.

As avid Rust players we got tired of how fast progression happens in this game. We wanted to provide an experience where new players have time to get settled without worrying about being killed by someone in full Kevlar with an M4 (though you still have to worry about someone killing you with a bow or melee!) within 30 minutes of starting the game. We also really loved the idea of spending more time in the “stone age” and having the server slowly allow more “ages” to unlock, providing a much more stable evolution of play styles and encounters in the game.

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