Rust All Day! (US West) (LA Server) - [ Sleepers, Active Admins, Custom Loot, Starter Kits, PVP, 24/7 ] -

Rust All Day is, as the title says, a PVP server based around mostly vanilla Rust gameplay.

Admins: Formulation, (B) [XBX] Solar

We are currently looking for about 1 more admin in hopefully a different timezone to moderate the server when we are not on.

There are indeed automatic Airdrops, at the hours 12-22. There are 3 airdrops in those 10 in-game hours, every in-game day.

The admins will always treat you with respect, and will attempt to always be nice.

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Rust All Day Website

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  • Bugfix (11:30 PM PST, 3/29/14) -
    We’ve just fixed some bugs with kits and such.

-Fixed problem where kit doesn’t actually show up in your inventory.
-Fixed auto airdrop times