Rust almost destroyer my hard drive usage

That’s it, i bought the game 2 weeks ago, i love it, i an play it properly with MINIMAL GRAPHICS.
But when i play the HARD DISK USAGE is always 100% or close to it.
When i exit game it still blocks apps and internet, even not letting me turn off the computer.
Thanks to that, i had to verify my disk for a 10hours straight, my entire disk, and there’s 1 damaged sector that wasnt there before buying this game.
So yes, i won’t be able to play this game, at least while the Developers don’t make anything about those bugs we get when we exit the game, about the RAM and Hard disk usage or even about optimization.
Cheers and please, protect your computer before it’s to late

It sounds like an issue with your HDD or your computer, not the game. Maybe provide some specs if you want any sort of help about your issue. I haven’t played the newest version of Rust but have never had an issue like that before. Based on the fact that you had to use minimal settings, it sounds like your computer just can’t run the game very well.

my specs are: 4gb RAM - 1GB DEDICATED VIDEO MEMORY (ati mobility radeon hd 5650)+ i5 2.55 GHZ

eventhough , with everything minimal i get 30-40 FPS
and this bugs of not entering the apps and internet only happens with RUST, when i exit it, when i exit other games it doesnt happen and as im saying, this only started when i bought RUST

Windows 8.1 I assume? Also the amount of free space on your HDD could be contributing to the issue as well. You could try uninstalling Rust and reinstalling it because it sounds like you’re got a pretty odd issue. So what exactly doesn’t work after exiting Rust? You don’t have any internet connection at all or just can’t use browsers?

Not enough RAM. Continuous swapping. Get more RAM. Symptoms and problem as old as operating systems that support virtual memory.

Rust will not cause bad sectors on your hard drive. One sector ain’t shit. There are literally millions of them on your disk. The drive is designed to deal with a few going bad. Don’t panic.

Get more RAM.

windows 7 64 bits, what exactly doesnt work after exiting rust? anything, Games, Apps, i press them, and they don’t run, internet, i try to enter it, it doesnt run, ok so let me try to REBOOT my PC, i press REBOOT, and it doesnt rebot, it like it get stuck while rebooting, so i have to force it, and that probleme happened

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the only way of fixing the prob is getting more ram? if yes i can’t play the game anymore

The only thing I can think of that might reduce the amount of RAM Rust uses is to find a server that has a small map seed. Right now on Hapis map with fairly little built on it I’m using 4.4GB for Rust alone, add in at least another 1GB for your OS and you’re way into heavy swapping territory.

It’s possible that some future optimization of the Rust code might bring down the amount of RAM it uses, possible quite a bit, but for now I don’t think you’re going to have much luck with a 4GB system.

thanks, i might wait 2 months maybe

Yep, more RAM.
It won’t improve your FPS but it will make hard drive thrashing less, and loading times faster. I noticed this when going from 4GB to 8GB myself.

but i got a laptop, wont be easy to do a RAM update

You are not alone.

Many people (including myself) is having this issue about blocking apps and the internet. I also got some bad sectors on my HDD, maybe because of the constantly force shutdown that I had to do. I’m changing to a SSD…

Garry claimed that this is a Unity issue and seems to do not to care about it.

Only who has this problem is going to understand how serious it is…

Actually, it’s one of the few parts of a laptop that are easy to upgrade. Pretty much just unscrew the section of the case, pull out the old RAM and stick the new RAM in.

Just make sure you don’t do anything stupid like leave the machine switched on while you do it, or have the battery in, or put the wrong sort of ram in.

I bet if you just googled “name of laptop ram upgrade” some stuff would come up on Amazon or some other site showing you what you would need.

edit: Unless it’s one of those Mac laptops with the soldered in RAM, if they even still do that.

1 more thread created about this issue… The number of occurences is growing. I hope they fix it asap!

what is a SSD?

Solid State Drive as opposed to a HDD - Hard Disk Drive.

Complete and utter nonsense. It’s this issue:
There even is a video now.

Rust or rather Unity 5 is fucking up our PCs. I hope someone from facepunch notifies them.

yup, but ssd…how can i have one if i got a laptop?

It’s pretty much the same process I explained with the RAM above. I think RAM, Hard drive and Battery size are the three simple things you can upgrade on most laptops.


It would help if you gave us your full system specifications, RAM, CPU, Pagefile size, ect… so we can avoid driving ourselves crazy trying to figure out if it’s Unity 5, or an ancient Windows XP machine with 256MB of memory. You can find this information by pressing the Windows Key + R, typing in “dxdiag,” and pressing enter.

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Oh and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, check resource usage for your RAM and page file while running Rust.