Rust Alot of Ideas

First off, I would like to say guns should not be able to be obtained in 10 minutes or 20 minutes. Guns should come way later through the game.

Starting weapons… Nothing!
Starting Items you can craft… Torch, Container, String, Thread, Needle, Meat Holder, Arrow Head, Carved Sticks, Cloth Wrap, Hose, Gas Container, Water Filter, Arrow Holder, Hardened Leather, more will be added later.
Starting Weapons you can craft… Bow, Spear, Knife, Arrows, Axe, Machete, Pole, Shovel, more will be added later.

Torch > Crafted by making a Pole then placing Cloth Wraps on them, then pour gas on it. Ignite it with a campfire or flint and steel. Torches can be placed into the ground outside your camp. Other Torches can be ignited from that torch, torches are also carryable but primary will be holstered until it is stuck into the ground. Running inside a wooden house may cause a fire.

Container > Containers are made from making Hardened Leather and putting it into 15 pieces and sewed into a container. Containers can carry food, or water. Containers can be placed out in the cold to keep from spoiling and making you sick, if it is food. Only food OR water can be placed in at 1 time, this means when there is food in the container water can not be placed in as well, ect.

String > Can be made by cloth and knife.

Thread > Woven string used to craft items, needs 3 string.

Needle > Can be found at a loot spawning area, uncommon.

Meat Holder > Needs Carved Stick and Thread. Looks like a stick holding a piece of meat over the stone fire pit. There will be no meat on the thread when there is no meat in the Meat Holder slots.

Arrow Head > Carved with Sharp Rocks, Knife, Axe, or Machete.

Carved sticks > Carved with Sharp Rocks, Knife, Axe, or Machete.

Hose > Made with 20 Hardened Leather. Used to suck gasoline out of cars. Very High chance of getting sick. Needs Gasoline Container near to spit it in or you will start dieing or getting really sick. To spit in press e on the Gasoline Container.

Gasoline Container > Made by Sewing 40 Hardened Leather.

Water Filter > Used by getting Wool from looting areas or finding a sheep and killing it, and taking the wool. You need a Container next to you and a Water Filter, you use the Water Filter on the ocean and it somewhat filters it from the salt. Once you get it soaked in the wool, press e on the container to place it in. You need 3 Wool to craft.

Arrow Holder > Holds up to 20 arrows and made by 10 Leather.

Bow > 3 Carved Sticks, and 1 String. Has a lot of drop when fired from a distance and wind direction makes the arrows move in the air.

Spear > 1 Pole, 1 Knife, 2 Thread. Can hit from longer distances.

Knife > 1 Sharp Rock, 1 Thread. Can be thrown.

Arrow > Carved Stick, 3 Feathers, 1 Arrow Head. Feathers are gotten from chickens.

Axe > 3 Sharp Rocks, 3 Carved sticks, 5 Thread. Get wood faster from trees and wood piles.

Machete > 5 Sharp Rocks > 4 Carved Sticks, 3 Thread. Very deadly weapon.

Pole > 2 Logs. Can hit people with it.

Shovel > 10 Thread, 2 Planks, 6 Sharp Rocks, Used to dig moats and pour water filled containers into it. People swim slow in water, and can’t have there weapon out.

Sharp Rocks are Obtained from a uncommon chance in mineing rocks with a pick.
You can get rocks by beating logs onto a rock, takes awhile to get rocks…

Anyways that’s it for now, I will post a lot more stuff later.

Tell me what you think should be added in!

This isn’t minecraft.

Where did you get minecraft? I’m trying to make this real

I’m sorry that you like it where you think you will be stranded in the forest and get a gun in 10 minutes…


i like the ideas

oh no that’s quite alright

Stuff like this in Wurm online and we wanna rust not wurm! too mach menus there will be if they add stuff like this! so NO! :suicide: