Rust alpha access option :D finally

in the twitter they jusy post this:
“We’re hoping to get a fun way to buy alpha access up soon. It’s gonna be fun.”


I wonder what that ‘fun way’ would be, or maybe I dont wonder… :pwn:

Also, how soon is soon?

soon is somewhere between now and the end of time. hope i helped.

They’re most likely gonna play with you guys in some way. Just tease the ones that doesn’t have an account to Rust.
Something like the drawing contest Garry set up a week ago.
My guess, could be wrong though :wink:

surprisingly, you did. At least now I know how long to wait :slight_smile:

Who’s “they”?

bump :smiley:

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If i keep throwing money at my monitor will it make them do that any faster?

All this teasing is just adding to the sea of blue balls.

Luckily for us, our blue balls are not in vain. This game has so much potential.

How the hell are you getting blue balls for an alpha test.

The game is like 6/10.
It can be pretty fun, but it’s pretty broken. So I don’t understand everyone’s over hype. I’m sure Garry does though, he’s about to make another hit game.

Of course its broken its in alpha :L

The fact it’s pretty broken is because its an alpha :pwn:

Of course it is. I’ve played it quite a bit, I think that it being in alpha is a bit obvious.

This isn’t the League of Legends forums where you can just endlessly bump a thread.

I think people like it because its a mix of some awesome games.

Right now, it’s a mix of ‘not too much’ but ‘not too little’.
There’s building, shooting, and collecting shit. Not much to say really, but death is something I’d say players fear a lot, so I guess it’s like DayZ’s anxiety, but heightened A LOT.

I honestly don’t get the hype for this game, i’ve had accounts since january, and i mean the concept is fun, but it really is nothing to be jizzing about

it just started out as a fun little thing by garry without any demands, and it still feels this way, don’t excpect AAA level minecraft plus dayz shit here, expect a unity game with assloads people who will instakill you

I’m just saying this, because i know that the forum will be full of “This game is shit… -.-” threads after a purchase option is made available.