Rust Alpha - Can I survive just one day?

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  1. Studies show if you run, the chances of you dying are significantly reduced.
  2. If a guy doesn’t speak english, it’s likely a bad idea to try and continue to communicate with them.
  3. It’s a TERRIBLE idea to build the entire foundation then work the rest of it through. Build a 1x1 with the proper protection and metal door, then expand out the foundations, add pillars, seal it off, ceiling, then door.
  4. Zombies are hard to kill unless you know the trick (Left click, sprint/charge at the zombie, hit it and clip through it and continue running, turn around, repeat)
  5. Usually if you sit there while they fire one shot, you’re begging to be killed on the next one.
  6. Sprinting can be done with shift. It will take away about half these deaths. use it more then you are.
  7. Press R to reload.
  8. Bandages can be applied by pressing the hotkey it’s assigned to (it’s 2 when you first spawn)
  9. Running from zombies (read “anything”) is usually the best thing to do until you master melee combat (Read “ALL Combat mechanics”).

It looks like you were TRYING to get killed. Idk, might just be because you’re new, but you’re going to die if you don’t heed all of the directions above.

This was literally my third day loggin in. I did not know anything about the game. I though I would make a video from all the deaths that occured while playing. Kinda a spoof of everyone complaing about how many times they die in this game. I have since gotten better and now a little better at the controls.

You have really great tips … can I use them in one of my videos ? Ill give full credit of course.

1:13 I lol’d hard.

2:40 Ever play an FPS before? R reloads.

Regular Zombies die in one pickaxe hit.
Deer, Pigs, Wolves die in one Handcannon shot, Bears die in two.
Crafting one Handmade Shell gives you four of them, it is the cheapest ammo.
To learn new recipes, find blueprints in radtown chests, get blueprints off of zombies, or get research kits from zombies and use them on an item you don’t know.