Rust Alpha KEY Giveaway - 20:00 to 22:00 (countdown in here) - PlayRustWiki

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		We'll keep this thread short & right to the point:
		[h2]We're giving away rust keys![/h2]
		Today we will give away 1-2 Keys and we will give away plenty more the next days (extra threads will follow).
		Please do not write us PMs/mail us/... - we don't have 1000 keys to give away ;)
		[h2]-> Where/When <-[/h2]
		We're giving away up to two (at least one) keys today. All you have to do: Watch the stream + chat on the [Play Rust Wiki twitch channel](
		That's all you have to do. We will think about a fun way to give them away within those two hours ;) **You should have a twitch acount/be able to chat on twitch!**
		First key:[/T]

		Second key:


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	[h2]Other Threads[/h2]
	[Play Rust Wiki Main Thread](
	[Play Rust Wiki Teamspeak³ Server](
	[]( []( [](


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Please contact us at

for any inquiries (except key begging). We’re always trying to be helpful.

  • Over and out, the Play Rust Wiki Team!
    [SUP]This is a vanity account of Ideal-Hosting - Moderators: Before dealing with the thread, please talk to garry. We’ve received those keys from garry and we are allowed to give them away :slight_smile: (Posted with wrong account, oops!)[/SUP]


That’s cool :slight_smile:

Awesome, can’t wait!

Appreciate it.


There we go :slight_smile:

Seems you did this to gain users on the wiki. Anyways, good on ya’!

nice can’t wait i hope i have a chance :wink:


nice see u all there

Can’t wait!

Nice buddy, I will definetly join up and try to get an alpha key, good initiative!

Accidently posted on the wrong account. Whatever, it’s still all good :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! Looking forward for it.
Good luck to everyone, and gratz to the one who wins.

clearly a scam guys dont fall for it

1 probably 2 keys, for around 2 to 3 thousand people, yup!

Yay finally! :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

Appreciate it, nice :smiley:

prepare yourselves

i still have some keys left from my previous giveaway
im going to get a new batch soon aswell :~)

pm me for key!