Rust Alpha KEY Giveaway Part 2 - 21:00 to 22:00 (countdown in here) - PlayRustWiki

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		[h2]Giveaway over! Next one will follow soon.[/h2]
		And for the second time...
		[h2]... we're giving away rust keys![/h2]
		Today we will give away 1 Key and we will give away plenty more the next days (extra threads will follow).
		Please do not write us PMs/mail us/... - we don't have 1000 keys to give away ;)
		[h2]-> Where/When <-[/h2]
		We're giving away  one key today. Just follow and be active in the chat on our [Play Rust Wiki twitch channel](
		That's all you have to do. NightBot will choose the winner with the Giveaway functionality. The key will be given away in the hour after the timer hit zero, however we will proabably stream a bit of gameplay before and after the key is given away.
		[CLICK HERE for the COUNTDOWN until Fri, 12 July 13 - 21:00:00](


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	[h2]Past giveaways/proof[/h2]
	Todays giveaway (he first had problems but then recovered his account.)[/T]

	[Play Rust Wiki Giveaway Part 1](

	[h2]Other Threads[/h2]
	[Play Rust Wiki Main Thread](
	[Play Rust Wiki Teamspeak³ Server](
	Follow us to get notified when we start streaming.
	[]( []( [](


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Please contact us at

for any inquiries (except key begging). We’re always trying to be helpful.

  • Over and out, the Play Rust Wiki Team!
    [SUP]This is a vanity account of Ideal-Hosting - Moderators: Before dealing with the thread, please talk to garry. We’ve received those keys from garry and we are allowed to give them away :)[/SUP]


Countdown link is broken. Other then that cool!

EDIT: Bad Gateway on my end I think.

works for me

Probably load balanced and you hit a broken server. It’s in about 15 hours.

But guys when you say you are give an key away @an point time ** and ** make a Countdown, and then say in the stream we are giving the in the next hour away is kind of stupid. Take on way and do what you say. Other then that its cool :slight_smile:

Wow, how cool is this? I likey!

I watched all 2 hours again and I will tomorrow too win or lose I like this stream! Thanks playrustwiki!

Meow, :smiley: I cannot wait! ;3

Can’t wait!

I might as well test my luck…

Plenty of people in the chat already, pretty cool. Guess we will have a chat until the stream starts.

I’m OfficialBraanflakes on the chat! :smiley: The first livestream was awesome, I can’t wait for the second!!

Cool I’ll be there :dance:

Why it cannot start yet already? :smiley:

remeber im german… my english isnt perfect.^^

Its wildee12 from the chat lolz “couldn’t think of another name” anyway, missed out on the first live stream. Staying tuned in for the second one :slight_smile:

Nice! :smiley:

No thanks, seems to be pretty troublesome.

Awesome of you guys to do this :slight_smile:
Best of luck to everyone :slight_smile:

Seems Legit

:slight_smile: It is.