Rust Alpha KEY Giveaway Part 3 - Today, countdown in here! - 2 keys - PlayRustWiki

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		And for the third time...
		[h2]... we're giving away rust keys![/h2]
		Today we will give away **2 Keys** and we will give away plenty more the next days (extra threads will follow).
		Please do not write us PMs/mail us/... - we don't have 1000 keys to give away ;)
		[h2]-> Where/When <-[/h2]
		We're giving away **two keys today**. Just follow the stream and be active in the chat on our [Play Rust Wiki twitch channel](
		That's all you have to do. NightBot will choose the winner with the Giveaway functionality. The key will be given away in the hour after the timer hit zero, however we will proabably stream a bit of gameplay before and after the key is given away. The first winner will be chosen in the first hour after the timer runs out, the second winner will be chosen in the second hour the timer runs out.
		[==> CLICK HERE for the COUNTDOWN until Sat, 13 July 13 - 21:00:00 GMT <==](


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	First Key:
	To be solved. (Guy claims that the key didn't work)
	Second key:[/T]

	[h2]Past giveaways/proof[/h2]
	Proof inside every thread.
	[Play Rust Wiki Giveaway Part 1](
	[Play Rust Wiki Giveaway Part 2](

	[h2]Other Threads[/h2]
	[Play Rust Wiki Main Thread](
	[Play Rust Wiki Teamspeak³ Server](
	Follow us to get notified when we start streaming.
	[]( []( []( [](


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Please contact us at

for any inquiries (except key begging). We’re always trying to be helpful.


Nice :smiley:

that explains better

Ah, I can try my luck again.
You should all just like… not go on the stream… 'cause I’m gonna win

Awesome, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

You need to stop doing this.
You fill teamspeak up with assholes.

You should ask stuvi for a private channel/game-owner-only channel :wink:

Well get your sweet ass on TS and give me one.

Hey wigleg, its That_Bambi from Dayz. I sold you keys and vica versa. Crazy to see you here.

I WILL, win this giveaway

Sweet another opportunity to win a key!! :smiley:

Good god, How are you?

Yea, like last night you HAVE to follow the stream and HAVE to be active in the chat. Like the rest everyone will simply type in something random in the stream for the sake of being active, will turn into a spam fest like last night. And after all that you still have a 1 in a few thousand chance viewers to win.

Yea i CBA

Actually there were many interesting questions asked and they were all answered. Just because a minority of people is spamming, it doesn’t mean everyone does that. We’re also extending the mod team :slight_smile:

I cant wait for the stream :slight_smile:

carnt you give away like 10 keys in one go a day because there was like 1200 people watching your stream and there is no way anyone can win 1 key , its nearly impossible for people to have a chance

No? Because we have limited number of keys…

I guess thats the saying… got to be in it to win it,

yer and i have more chance winning the lottery :slight_smile:

Hmm…I agree its more likely to be killed by a Crashing Plane:D