Rust Alpha KEY Giveaway Part 4 - Today, countdown in here! - 1 key - PlayRustWiki

And for the 4th time…
… we’re giving away rust keys!
Today we will give away a rust key to the lucky random winner!
Please do not write us PMs/mail us/… - we don’t have 1000 keys to give away :wink:

-> Where/When <-
We’re giving away one key today. Just follow the stream and be active in the chat on our Play Rust Wiki twitch channel. That’s all you have to do. NightBot will choose the winner with the Giveaway unctionality. The key will be given away within two hours after the timer hit zero, however we will proabably stream a bit of gameplay before and after the key is given away.

==> CLICK HERE for the COUNTDOWN until Wednesday, 16. Oct 2013, 18:30:00 (UTC time) <==

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for any inquiries (except key begging). We’re always trying to be helpful.