Rust Alpha Key

Excuse me, i don’t know am i allowed to post this here, as i’m new to the forum, is there any way someone can PM me RUST ALPHA KEY, please i really want to play this, the people who watch my streaming stop doing it because they don’t want to watch me play some random DayZ anymore v.v, Please if there is any chance, PM me rust alpha key, PLEASE v.v

(User was banned for this post ("Asking for Rust key / Did not read STICKY." - Swebonny))

Lol dude, join the fucking club.

All need rust here … ( me too )

Email me if you want a rust key! My email is

just no no…

Do it

Come on guys im serious v.v please I REALLY NEED ONE SO BAD or i will suicide v.v

Drop here :slight_smile:

email me


I read this part about 5 times to make sure what I read was correct.

Why you dont drop here @tarcan ? ah ye , you are a scamer :smiley:

Because someone else will grab it xD

i was bored so i emailed him nothing bad happend (yet)

You know, their isn’t a sticky about alpha keys for no reason, perhaps you should read it

Same :D, but seriosly please someone pm me rust alpha key v.v I WILL SUICIDE :@

email me

omg we did (scamer)

Can have a code please this game looks like a lot of fun I’ve been watching youtube a lot of youtube it looks so fun so please if anyone has a key I can have id be grateful and please send it to my email

(User was permabanned for this post ("gimmick" - postal))

pm me for free keys