Rust Alpha, Whats The Deal | Information

Many of you guys like me have been wanting a Rust Alpha code and Yet after all the sticky’s on the Forums and multiple post, some of you are still unaware about what is happening!

Rust Alpha Keys Drawing Contest - You can Win a Alpha Key By Drawing a Picture With the words 'Play Rust and The Date on it, This was mine | | I am unaware of anyone receiving a Code after Page 90 and for about 1 Day. Here the forum post so it may of ended by now | |

New Way To Get a Key - New way are slowly emerging as Starpluck posted more information as the Giveaway are slowly ending, go read the new post as there will be a new for us to get a key (If Your a streaming or YouTuber with ‘a lot’ of views/subs, your in luck!) | |

Scammers - Don’t Purchase any keys of anyone that say they have them or have account etc, Most of them are scammers so don’t trust them even if they have a account.

Gold - You can Purchase gold membership from this link and Garry may post some Codes on the Gold Members forum (Currently Unavailable) | |

All I can say is lets sit tight and Wait for more information to be posted of how we can access the Alpha, I will be waiting!

I know many you know this but some Newbie’s are unaware as I have been seeing over Twitch and the Forums etc

You can’t buy gold anymore.

Course apple wouldnt know that since hes too busy capitalizing on his informative thread in search of a key.

Not only is the OP just some way for appleman to get attention for his drawing, but most of the information is inaccurate and cleared up in the stickies that already exist.

Why are posts like this Popping up? They are fucking POINTLESS.

This thread is stupid because hes referencing stickies that have the CORRECT information. The sticky says that they ARE NOT handing out keys anymore for the drawing contest, well done.

And you call them ‘newbies’ when you don’t even know what your talking about, fucking hell!

bla bla bla, same threads over and over

Stop making threads like these, there are literally 30 other threads just like this.

They are posting threads like this, because they hoping for a alpha key in reward for being so cool on the forums

This community is becoming so bad, it’s getting even worse than LoL …

become a red member

it’s the secret don’t tell anyone