Rust alpha??

When will rust be out of alpha any time soon??

Most likely by 2020 if we’re lucky.

The game is still really early in Alpha, if you mean when will the game go into Beta I’d say maybe Q4 if we’re lucky, if you mean when will the release version of the game come around I’d say some time in 2015. Of course, that’s all just supposition based on the nature of the game and the fact that they’ve had a lot of sales they can use to outsource anything they want or bring on additional members of the Facepunch crew.

there are so much content to be added and the dev’s team is not big and cautious with decisions;
i think, it will be beta close to November + 4 months to be fully released, it will be normal to have
finished game in March, a year after ur post:smile:

I highly doubt that it will be within a year

Yeah I would think mid-late 2015 would be moving to beta.