Rust already feels done to me. Maybe that's why I can't wait for new content?

For me, the amount of hours I have already put in, playing it more than any other game I’ve played in the last 10 years, and just loving everything about it… the game feels done. I am excited for new content. Like, the idea of bear traps or house traps really excites me. Not because I feel like the game is undone, but because it feels complete already and I just want content updates. I know players are reporting bugs and the artists/devs behind the game can always critic their own work and never feel finished, but I just don’t see it. How much can I play one undone game before I realize, “this game is more complete than any game I’ve ever played before.”

I feel like this game can be in alpha forever, as it has endless options. More building types, more wall types, arches, mud homes, igloos in the snowy mountains, digging, caves, economy, city building, wars, etc. It feels like we are at the beginning of an amazing idea but the mechanics of the game feel done. I’ve never signed on and thought, “Oh my god, this game is so undone.” I’ve always, even the first time playing it, felt, “Wow, they can add so much stuff to make it way better. Just imagine if they had different types of buildings you could build…”

It’s just a matter of adding more content and molding the game into what each of us has thought up in our own minds. The biggest “bug” I have dealt with as far as making the game totally unplayable is the hacking. Not complaining, but seriously, for me, that is the biggest factor in why I feel this game’s experience can be totally ruined.

When I bought this game, I thought I understood what an alpha was. It was supposed to be buggy as fuck. An alpha is supposed to be glitchy. Apparently, I misunderstood lol.

I agree that the game seems done, I remember thinking that at about 150 hours. I played for another 250 hours with friends, and three months since I bought it, there has hardly been any content added.

I could get over the servers being DDOS’d, I could move past the horrible FPS, but when I realized there was hardly going to be any new content added, I stopped playing.

And as for the hackers (hopefully we aren’t breaking the rules by talking about it in another post), they paid for the game, so it’s their game now. I spent twenty dollars, but those hackers spent a lot more. Isn’t that the way business works?

who said there was going to be hardly any content added? WTF do you get your info? Do you string a line to your butt hole and then to a can, pull tight and listen?..hahah I just made myself lol

Good, because your joke was funny. :slight_smile:

I hope they will add new content, but I’ve been looking at the Trello website! It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen anything in the category “Next Verison”. I’ve also played the game. I remember a while ago they added a revolver!!! That was awesome hehe.

Are my standards to high?

I don’t care if they hack amongst each other or by themselves. However, I buy a lot of things and still have to follow rules.

There’s a lot of things I could do with a pair of scissors, yet I don’t, whether I paid for it or not.

The content comes after they complete all the core architecture. They still need to optimize the game and put some more core features in before they truly tackle content. Alpha is a fluid concept with a game like Rust, a good parallel is minecraft. They can literrally keep adding content as long as they think it is a viable strategy to increasing sales but before they get to that point they need to fix some underlying issues and complete the map (or complete procedural generation for maps). At that point they could honestly say the game has exited that stage of development and work on mainly content and minor bug fixes.

If you’re satisfied with this, the final result might blow your mind.

Might. Hard to tell this early.

My mind was blown day 1.

There has been a savier lack of content in the last three months. In the last three months we have seen:

1.) New staged models for resources and a new mostly stone resource
2.) A lock pick and feature no one wanted or ever uses
3.) A new sky which is nice but buggered up air drops for 2-3 weeks prior to March 18th patch fixing it
4.) A fair amount of bug fixes / FPS improvements (which is important but not content)
5.) Public Item creator

Content wise its been ruff, hopefully once they get the new gui finished we will start to see content updates more frequently that really mix things up. It seems like they have been setting up the underlying framework to help crank out content at a faster more efficient rate so hopefully they will take advantage of this soon :slight_smile:

I completely agree. Sure making stuff better is great but I am worried that this great game might get lost when they update it to something I don’t like. Since dinosaurs did not appear I think we are safe. Not enough content has never been a problem for me, just the cheaters. FP now seemsto be actively working to derail the cheaters so I have no issues with the games development speed at all.

It’s funny if you play the public servers you can sort of sense the waves when bans happen. Houses and people just disappear for a few days until it gets re-invested.

Thelionessa, I’m glad you like it. It’s always fun to see you in my stream watching and chatting. I too am excited to see the development of the game but as you can see I’m really enjoying it.

No, I don’t think it’s complete. As a sandbox it lacks features, and as a “game” it lacks more still. But it is very very very fun.

The fundamental mistake you are making here is not understanding that “features and content” don’t exist in a vacuum.

To add more stuff that a player sees, there is generally a whole bunch of stuff you don’t see that makes all that possible. For example, with items in the game there are a whole bunch of systems around crafting, wear, maintenance, use (like in combat for weapons or placement for building parts) and so on. There would be a system for storing the information about items and passing that information from the server to each client so you can see the item on your PC. There are going to be big challenges in getting these systems efficient and generic so the game runs well. The difficult part is creating simple solutions to complex problems.

Developers don’t create a new set of systems for each item, they have to create flexible systems that support all the possible features and functions and the items are built integrated with those systems. If you build a house and remembered to put in electrical wiring but then realised you hadn’t put in any pipes, you are going to have to tear out walls and do a lot of extra work to rectify the situation. You might need to move a door or wall to accommodate where the pipes need to go. An extra room might be needed for a water heater.

Coding is similar, in that you can build a structure comprising multiple interrelated systems and realise you need to handle something new. Retrofitting functionality takes more time and generally leads to a poorer result than taking the time to build everything correctly from the base up.

If you don’t approach this problem correctly and just keep adding features without putting in the work on the overall architecture of the solution, it will eventually fall over. You will have a massive pile of spaghetti which is increasingly difficult to work on. New features will constantly break old ones and the fixes for that will break other ones. At this point, fixing the fundamental problems is far more difficult and time consuming than it would have been to do it more slowly and carefully from the start. It is a recipe for project failure.

I’ve been doing this stuff for decades. One of the fundamental bits of wisdom I have learned is that rushing a software project makes it take longer.

KoltMekka, that must be another Nessa. I haven’t seen any streams but I will check it out. :slight_smile:

10x better then DayZ alpha