RUST and [DDoS]... it's to easy to DDoS Rust Servers!

how can it be possible that one guy can DDoS a rust server over the completely weekend…i play on the server FiLZ, this server is atm rank 1 on and since friday one guy is DDoSing the server…

why the hoster can’t simply deny the acces to the server, they clearly must see the IP address from this asshole. maybe or probably he uses a VPN but if them so that’s the problem of the VPN and their users if someone is able to start a DDoS attacke with a VPN hoster, so why not simply deny the acces from the completely VPN hoster. Ofc I am not a professional in this things, i have a basic knowledge about this all, not more. so maybe you know more as I and can correct me if i am false - (hope my english is not to bad that you understand it, its a little bit frozen, i am from Germany)

the problem is that you don’t understand how DDoS attack works, there are many type of this attack, and i’m sure, there’s no dependency with rust game server, it could be any host that connected to internet.
One guy can order this attack, but incoming packets will be from many different ip addresses, most likely from many different countries.
In some cases the only way to fight with it - route packets incoming to your server IP, to the “null route”, so during this time your server will be not available.
You have to wait when it stops, or you can change ip of your server (if this service provided to you)

Read some articles about it, if this information is not enough.

okay, thats crazy, how they can have different ip addresses, however; why i don’t have in other games problems with DDoS attacks? thats the questition. i never saw a DDoS attack on a WoW Server as example, or on a battlefield server.

Well number one you are barking up the wrong tree cause there is nothing facepunch can do about server hosting getting DDosed. You need to contact the server provider and ask about DDos mitigation. Most GOOD providers will put you on a Ddos mitigation server for a extra fee and or put you on a waiting list for free. SOME providers even have basic mitigation on all their servers.

These are all things that a server owner needs to be aware of and investigate before attempting to run a server.

The problem is not so much Ddos but lack of effort put forth by the person running the server. NOTHING is ever fully Ddos protected though for the fact that some countries consider DDos as an acceptable form of protest.

As for WoW and battlefield servers never being Ddosed a simple google search of WoW ddos will show you how wrong you are.

Bottom line is Blizzard has the money to throw down for BETTER mitigation so thats why you see it less but it STILL happens.

Pretty much all game servers get DDOS’d all the time. It is very, VERY expensive to protect against all kinds of DDOS attacks, so most GSPs don’t. At most, some of them will have a handful of protected servers that they’ll set you up on for a premium, which requires an IP change.

Keep in mind that anyone can do something stupid, like say drop ICMP at the firewall. Boom - they’re now protected from an incredibly weak DDOS, and they can now claim to be “DDOS protected”. I disagree with this practice because I think it’s borderline misleading, but since they’re technically correct, there’s not much you can do about it other than become an educated consumer.

Providers who DO offer true DDOs protection (as in the ability to stand up to a 10 or 20 gigabit attack) are usually going to charge you around $50 - $200 per IP address. But this presents a problem for games like Rust, where multiple instances are run on the same hardware: if someone else on your node gets attacked and the network port gets saturated, then even if YOUR server is a protected IP, you’re still going down.

Finally, it’s very easy to spoof IPs. Anyone who habitually launches DDOS attacks can easily get their hands on a few thousand (or hundreds of thousands) IPs to use. Then you have things like DNS amplication, which doesn’t even require the attacker to have additional IPs.

It’s a LOT more complicated than just blocking an offending IP.

ok thanks this informations helped me alot, but… what i should do now, change the server and hope its better?:smiley: right now the server again gets DDoS, like 4 hours ago…