Rust and Facepunch?

Hey guys, I’m still fairly new here, bought Rust about a week ago and have wasted WAY too much time on there since then. :dance:

I’m just wondering how Rust and Facepunch are connected, and why Rust is on their forum? Is Rust developed by Facepunch?

As I understood it before purchasing Rust, FP was just an online community/forum…

Well Facepunch has created two games so far. One which is Rust yes they did create rust, The second was Garry’s Mod (A physics game)

4 games actually

  1. facewound
  2. garrys mod
  3. snabbo
  4. rust

Facepunch is not just forums for their games, though. It’s a general forum that just has GMod, Rust, and other gaming subsections as well as sections for news, debate, etc.