rust and morals

i know we all think some people are just dicks, but maybe they were born that way lol

This isn’t the correct subforum to be posting something like this. It has nothing to do with Rust.

My sister is an anthropologist and she flipped out when I showed her the game. Said she has a friend who got a PHD in Digital Anthropology and wrote his dissertation about WoW.

Rust provides the freedom to do good or evil, but with the caveat of it just being a game, with limited consequences. Some servers have a KOS culture, others a more cooperative one… maybe some up and coming Digital Anthropologist should study Rust.

There was also a study of Minecraft where a server was set up with limited resources, to see how players would deal with a finite world (like Earth). Factions and wars developed over resources until there was nothing left and everyone starved. I sure hope the “Its just a game” excuse is valid and its not just human nature, but…

Anyway, back to pounding rocks, and stay away from my shack.