rust AND steam crash "connection changed"

ok so recently (just today actually) this started happening,
i would go in play fine for a bit about 20-30 minutes. then it would kick me to the main menu
when i try to get back in the server the game closes, and then steam preceeds to completely close as well
the message in rust when it crashes is “disconnected (changed connection)” as you could probably guess,
this makes any longterm playing / building is pretty much pointless as i cannot stopwatch myself every time i load in,
i have already verified the integrity of my cache on steam all files are there, my internet connection is fine
(other threads that came up when i googled this had something to do with connection issues) and i have 295 hours in game prior to this
with no such issues, any ideas folks?

I have this problem aswell, it happened like a hour ago, i’ve done the same as you, but nothing is helping :frowning:

Could really use some help guys!

mine is also doing the same now since last night :frowning:

The same thing has started happening to me, I have 200+ hours in the game, verified my cache as well, and have had no previous problems. Any solution yet?

This keeps happening to me, as well. Please fix it! I can’t even have gun fights.

Yeah this started happening to me yesterday and is very annoying to randomly crash. I have almost 250+ hrs with no issues. Im glad its not just me. I have tried reinstalling rust and issue still happened.

Same problem here…

Mine is Facepunch_Connector_ConntectedElsewhere and when I try to join the server it just crashes steam completely. Really need a fix to this. Thanks!

What the fuck is this about? I keep getting kicked off Steam in the middle of farming resources.

it seems to be a windows 8.1 issue as far as i can see on steam forums & the same issue is happening with counter strike GO it may have been the recent windows updates :confused:

I can confirm i have Windows 8.1 with this issue :frowning:

Yeah it seems to be a Steam issue for Windows 8.1 after update. It is happening to alot of steam games.

here is link

A friend of mine had the same issue, and it got solved with a system restore. Try it

some say this fixes the issue i am not at home to give it a try

Windows 8.1 Pro
i7-4770 @ 3.4GHz (quad core)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 (2GB)
NVidia drivers 335.23

I’ve tried that ClientRegistry.blob rename trick… didn’t work.
For the last few days, I only get about 10 minutes of gameplay before it disconnects from the server with the “connected elsewhere” error.

Now I wonder if this has anything to do with the Steam Family sharing? Even though the other steam account is offline at the time…
Doesn’t happen on other steam games so far( eg. War Thunder)

Oh my goodness. FIX THIS!

Same issue " disconnected changed connection" crashes steam and game. Rust and CSGO tested so far. Issues started few days ago and still no fix. I have noticed multiple steam sessions running at the time of crash.

Same here. No account sharing, no beta participations. Windows 8.1 here aswell

Hope it gets fixed soon, can’t play properly till it’s fixed

Happens to me about 10 minutes of gameplay, seems to be the biggest issue out there right now.

I can’t do anything. I’d really like to play.

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This is definitely a Windows 8.1 problem. It is happening on not only Rust, but DayZ as well.