Rust and steam crashing together (Facepunch connector connected elsewhere)

Hi everyone,

There seems to be quite a handful of people having this issue here whereby your steam crashes along side with your rust. Hopefully you clicked on this thread or somehow managed to googled your way through here and found out that I’ve got the solution for you.

Basically there seems to be a compatibility issue here with windows 8.1

So for those who have got windows 8.1 installed you will have this problem and the only way you can get around this is by reformatting and not updating to win 8.1

Developers, I hope you will look into this as security patches for win 8 will cease during the end of June and hopefully Rust would have a new patch to fix this problem by then.

If you are not using win8.1 and are still having this problem, sorry mate, I wish you luck.

Or just uninstall GeForce Experience.

will uninstalling Geforce experience actually work? i finally got a decent graphics card only to put it in and find rust and steam crashing hand in hand. It’s just cruel. I hate windows 8 so much and especially 8.1 now

You don’t have to completely uninstalled Nvidia Geforce Experience, just close the process called Nvidia Geforce Experience User (something after that). Fixed the issue for me.

I am running Windows 7, have an ATI graphics card, and I keep getting this error. It will freeze my game a few times, then ultimately disconnect me. Sometimes, the game crashes entirely, and when it closes, Steam crashes along with it.

If anybody figures out a fix to this one, please let us all know.