Rust and the Oculus Rift

I have been discussing this with Unity and the Rust twitter page about the possibility of Oculus Rift support.

I know that Unity 3D does support the Oculus Rift, but I was wondering if it was possible for the game currently
to be used with the rift - As an Oculus Rift dev kit owner , I am very interested in different theories and possibilities!

I think it would definitely be a cool platform for the OR to be in. Although imagine having an Oculus Rift experience integrated with MYO in this game. Your arms would be so buff from chopping up wood.

playrust’s twitter:
@Kruezritter I don’t think there’s any possible way we can make the @unity3d webplayer work with the rift… :frowning:

They won’t be running the web player forever. They will eventually have a full downloadable version.

Source of this?

according to twitter:

person: The question is, why are you using the web player? And why cannot you just compile an alt version for rift?

playrust: Quick iteration, quick deployment, portable, accessible.

Don’t think we will be seeing a standalone client for a while.

Check the accounts involved, it was me who asked it.

I really like what players/devs have accomplished with the Oculus, if it gets some sort of implementation in Rust :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it probably won’t have a standalone version for awhile. Although it’s obviously planned.

(from his blog)

Most likely will at some point. The Unity web client doesn’t support it (I don’t think?), but Garry has one and obviously likes the idea.

It’s not that hard to port it from web player to standalone, only thing a webplayer may offer is cross OS support ( I think.)

“Porting” it from web player to standalone is just another choice when building the project.

The webplayer only has OS support for mac and windows as far as I know. The standalone version will have more cross-platform support.

Oculus Rift implementation is clearly not a priority for this game at the moment.

hi hello this game is about as polished as minecraft

i don’t think oculus rift is even a sperm of an priority baby right now

minecraft 0.15 is where it’s at baby

Of course, of course. We’re merely just fantasizing about what if it was in the future. Hell I just be happy seeing it come out from Alpha.

So now that this thing is standalone, how’s about it?

I think this should be re-looked at in 2014

Yep especially with the new rift HD they have conquered sickness (like 4 ms latency) and 1080p