Rust - Anyone elses Rust server just crash and lose everything?

We just had a server burp and lost everything.

Backup map doesn’t restore?

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Ohhh great…

Smashing weekend for Rust Players…

The developers have now alerted us to yet another issue, this time with maps.
The issue appears to create massive trees and rock spawns in the sky

The reason this is an issue, is that it is causing services to utilize upwards of 10GB of RAM.
As you can imagine this isn’t desirable.
Therefore we have had to remove -load from the commandline for the time being (maps will not load - however they will not wipe).
Once this issue is resolved by the development team we will reinstate the -load commandline option.

The Streamline-Servers Team

Hello Casper,

Your world hasn’t been lost, it just isn’t being loaded currently.


So glass half full you are uK :rolleyes:

I’ll throw up a msg for players and we’ll make do.

Cheers mate

access your server with FTP and download the saves folder in Procedural. Then after update or wipe, upload the folder back to your server ! WAM ! Everthing is back WITH update.