I made a kind of arena in my house and me and my friends bet on people fighting with different weapons and different “gamemodes”.
Hope you guys will enjoy this! :slight_smile:

Nice, i want a tournament !!

looks like a lot of fun, haha. why is the same people fighting over and over?

looks like really surviving kind , 2 naked mens with axe engaged in a death fighting !!!

Haha, this is a great idea! Thanks for the entertaining video. :slight_smile:

Edit: Garry ended up tweeting your video!

Yeah i saw that, that is pretty awesome :smiley:

Brilliant! Excellent idea and execution.

someone griefed the arena unfortunatly…
it was fun even though i lost most of my bets :confused:

Awesome! This is something I would really like to see in the final game. A Arena where players can go to try thier fortune.

You can actually be on to something here.
Skulle varit något om man skulle gjort en Youube serie och en hemsida till detta! Skulle absolut kunna bli populärt.

You think i should do a series? :slight_smile:

Absolutley! This has great entertainment value! I bet there are lots and lots of players that would like to get involved in this! I’d gladly help out =)

Now catch random people there and make them fight for their lives. I don’t care how, just do it.

Catch peepl in there and lure animals in! Will be like the glorious Rome all over again

yah absolutely

Problem is I have no experience in making websites etc! I might have a friend that does though, ill come back to you with info =)

This is very interesting, haha

I do =) Let me know if you guys need any help!

Fkn A!

By far the best video of Rust that I watched.

Nice concept, so keep it up mate!


Cucumber, the peoples champion.

He really is, isnt he?