Rust Art Trello update

So these are the updated graphics of the base wood shelter. looks like they’re making it more difficult and complex to craft while adding other aspects to it. plus first previews of the games traps, and drawbridges! i like it!

This looks sweet! Where did you find this? I don’t see it on trello…

EDIT: Found it…

I thought these were done by a fan and not the designers?

They are thinking about adding it, no one of them made it, a guy with the nickname “stym”
made it, you can read and see everything at this thread

Also, the guy on top of me (Chimi)
This is the art trello of rust

I thought the same thing, very confused at the moment.

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OP, your post is incorrect.

Read the comments from Garry on the same trello post.

“There’s a great thread on the forum with ideas on this… I’ll attach some of the images, the wooden parts they’ve rendered look a lot better.”

I want the bad reading rating back.

I like how they are taking community input seriously. Bravo.