Rust Attatchments and rework to aim sights

Well… since Rust has become bigger and better in all senses, I think its time for the game to have another visual rework update but now working on the aim sights, and also the addition of a wide variety of attatchments for weapons. We all know how is the aiming viev with the 8x and 16x scope sights (if you don’t know what I mean ill add some screen shots to explain) but I’m talking about the edges of the screen covered black and just a circle at the middle representing the scope. I think it would be better if players could be aware of their surroundings while aiming down at a target with both of the scopes.

In the other hand, I think a complement for this idea is the addition of new aim sights and general attatchments to weapons, for example having ACOG sights, reflex sights, and talking about general attatchments having some variants for ammo mags. for different weapons so players could change their play style in order to have a dynamic gameplay. And adding the fact that experienced players hit endgame loot in just a couple of hours, attatchments could help to balance the playstyle of medium and new players.

Instead of scopes looking like they usually are ingame, look like this instead but with a 8x and 16x zoom:

Any feedback or support to this Idea is well received, thank you for reading me…