Rust Autoexec?

I would like to make Rust ignore PVT while loading since I end up turning it off anyway, is there a command I can put in an autoexec so this will happen?

Have a look at client.cfg. It is located in team\SteamApps\common\rust\cfg

I was able to start up with lens dirt and motion blur off by editing the file. I use Notepad++ but Notepad can be used as well.

effects.aa "True" "True"
effects.lensdirt "False"
effects.motionblur "False"
effects.shafts "True"
effects.vignet "True"
effects.color "True"
effects.reflect "True"
global.censornudity "False"
graphics.drawdistance "6000"
graphics.fov "90"
graphics.shadowdistance "100"
input.flipy "False"
input.sensitivity "1"
terrain.quality "100"
voice.loopback "False"

Thank you very much sir!

Anytime man, good luck out there :slight_smile: