Rust Babby Making?

Ok so if we have nakid male players , why cant there be nakid female players and when 2 players meet up , they could get the option to have sex and she would get pregnent, her pregnancy would be stored on the server so it remembers when she is due, once the baby is born you have to protect it from other players as well as getting food for it, i would love the idea of breeding in rust.

sonuds like a more violent version of the sims hahahaha
But if you could fuck bulls and spawn minotaurs that might be cool. then they could attack you as NPC’s

and that is teh worst idea ive ever seen for this game

What are you talking about? I hope Garry implements this TOMORROW!

its so fukcing stupid though, its almost like rocket is here

No you wont be able to screw animals :), just female players but you wont always be able to get her pregnant so you would need to find the right one, just like in real life…

cant wait for babbies

That’s not how it works.

HAHAHAHAHAH… soooo… they’ll be like pandas? hahahahaha
and you can craft rings so you can marry the other player, you know, to make it official. And lets not forget, we have to baptize the baby so it wont go to hell if it dies. and the ability to build makeshift abortion clinics, just in case they have some regrets.

But I still think being able to “make” minotaurs and goat people that will later become NPC’s and attack you is a great idea. you could even search for the pregnant animals and kill them before they spawn their hellish offspring . You could also kill other players while the fuck the animals because their screen will go blurry with the extacy of the moment HAHAHAHAHAH

OMG i swear I’m not high :wink:

Not that this contributes to the “discussion” at hand, but I can’t help but imagine a rather hilarious mental image of commanding an army of “babbies” at my disposal. Bind them to a hotkey and then issue a command along the lines of “get them my pretties!”, unleashing my horde of “babbies” upon unsuspecting victims.

What… the…

Someone missed DARE when they were young.

People actually think this is funny? This community…

This isn’t funny. It’s a serious suggestion. One that I stand by.

long story short, fuck no.

this has been suggested here and there and every time ends up turning into a suggestion for how to make rust into a rape simulator. surprisingly, not what i want out of rust. no-one would be stupid enough to try and have a child in this environment. they would be killed by a man with a rock in a second, just to see if “baby meat” is tastier than “human meat”.

and pressing a button to get a female player pregnant? bye bye female player population. now you are just having babies with 50 year old pedos who send you pics they pinched off the internet to convince you they aren’t a fat balding man who wants to play hide the sausage with you.

i hope like hell this is a joke thread.

Hmm… I’m not sure where the “line” is in Rust, but I’m pretty sure that “killing babies for their human baby meat” probably crosses it… lol

ROFL that 3 people already disagree with me that this is crossing the line…

Rust Community in his True Form
Humanity is Terrible
Heil King Frog

A raider ate my babby!

Having a babby in you’re base, and when you connect you’re bbabbie got eaten…

dunno if you know about it, but there was an aussie lady who’s baby was eaten by a dingo…and she said “a dingo ate/stole my babby” a lot.

that’s all i can hear when i read your post XD