Rust Backstory

Rust is a great game. One that I have enjoyed immensely and have put countless hours into. I went even as far as hosting my own server. However, for such a great game it suffers from a minor flaw. It has no real lore, no backstory. I’m one of those gamers who happens to love reading into a games lore. I get immense pleasure from both playing the game and immersing myself in its varied lore.

I don’t know what the developers have planned in terms of lore but I took it upon myself to write a compelling (I think) and believable backstory that fits with the game we all know and love. So take a look below!



They called it Rust. No one knows where ground zero was though the first official cases came out of Syria. What we do know is that it moved fast and had no known cure. The infected quickly died in horrible agony. Their skin would turn reddish rust color and flake off, hence the name. It wiped out more than 75% of the world’s population in a matter of weeks. After shutting down borders and taking extreme measures to stop it, the disease was ultimately slowed and practically stopped. But this entered most of the world into a dark age.

Most countries were wiped out, their infrastructures obliterated. Others managed to keep some semblance of order by maintaining strict border regulations and offering little to no assistance to the outside world. One island, dubbed Rust Island, was home to an experimental nuclear facility that had a meltdown. This irradiated the whole island, some areas worse than others. However, it was discovered that the radiation halted and even reversed the effects of the Rust disease. This bestowed hope to those suffering from it.

With what little compassion they had left, some of the surviving countries decided to transport the infected to the island. Anyone infected and not too far gone were rounded up, had their clothes and possessions incinerated, and were transported to the island. Once there, they were unceremoniously dumped in the wild and left mostly to their own devices. To save face in the wake of a PR nightmare, surviving countries from around the world occasionally send out air supply drops to help the inhabitants survive in a harsh environment.

This is your story now. Will you bring order to the chaos or will you add fuel to the fire? How you proceed is entirely up to you.

Good luck…


I don’t know what their plans were considering a story but I relinquish any and all of my writing to be used however Facepunch wants with no monetary expectations. Hell, I’m not expecting them to use my idea but if they did I would want it to be no strings attached. I would also be honored to have them use something of mine!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Not bad…

Needs work but i like the direction

this was a nice finish

Thanks man, I agree it should be fleshed out some more but for now I think it fits well with the current state of the game. And I thought that was a perfect finish too. At least you posted something and didn’t just vote dumb and not offer any constructive criticism.

Not bad, I actually like this! :eng101:

Thanks guys!

Yup, this is the best player submitted backstory I’ve read so far, thumbs up Yoshi

Awesome. Let’s get some more support for this, see what happens. I love Rust, such a great game so far. Best $20 bucks I’ve spent on a game in a LONG while.

110% agree. Matter of fact I have spent a lot more for a lot less of a game and Rust is still in early Alpha. Can’t wait for how totally awesome it will be after it gets completed.

Voting for you man :dance: , this covers most of the idea of Rust so far. Adding this story is an open door so the game can start with your character actually being dropped from a plane like an airdrop and you looking down to the island as you wait to touch down. That can be a great first spawn instead of just waking up in the field.

I like that, would be a much better into.

Good story but since they’re removing zombies I don’t think it’s really going to fit the final product of the game.

My idea for the backstory is just that the Rust island is a prison island. a Dystopian future where all the worlds criminal’s are just scooped up and dropped on the island with absolutely nothing. Occasionally the government drops supplies on the island, but mostly just leaves the criminals to fend for themselves.

My story has nothing to do with the zombies however, I know they’re removing them. The infection Rust kills, it doesn’t bring them back to life as zombies.

Since it’s still Alpha, the whole “We might decide you all are going to ride dragons and fire apples at each other” rule applies. Have to wait until we get beyond that phase before a backstory can be created.

Still, not bad for what we have now.

True, but the current version (except zombies) is a good indicator of the game they want. I just feel the game needs a backstory, something we can get behind that makes sense. Rather than wake up on the island and wonder, “Why here?” I’d rather know that I’m there for a specific reason, that something caused me to be naked out in the middle of nowhere.

Those are just my feelings though. I don’t speak for everyone, I know that.

Very true. I’ve paid $60+ for some good games but I can only count on one hand (maybe two) how many of them compared or exceeded Rust.

Up until now I’ve only browsed through the threads here. I made an account so I could reply to yours. Wonderful job and I think it fits perfectly for this game. I really hope they use this.

Awesome, thanks man!

Here’s another idea, just because.

[Elderly man dressed in summer leisure clothes, sitting on the end of a small pier on a beautiful island, sunset, drinking exotic concoction in elaborate glass and smoking cigar, Christopher Walken voice]

Greetings, my esteemed colleague. Glad you could make it, and although this seems rich I do wish to talk business. I want to try and sell you my idea of Project: Rust.

You see, I’ve been in the reality show business for quite some time now and I feel that the masses indulge vicariously on what we present. Their hunger grows more and more insatiable, which granted has lead to both you and I having well-lined wallets, right?

Well, truth be told, what with a demand of more realism and what have you, I fear we may soon see a trend of a loss of that precious appetite. Our symbiotic relations will break down entirely at some point, mark my words! The very least we could do is to try and find some way to keep our audiences glued to their couches while crisp bills slip freely from their-ahem-sedated grasp.

Now, as this is a risky project I am about to propose to a long-time friend, let me explain it a bit. We take random people, the kind who are desperate for fame and riches and willing to do anything to get their fifteen minute spotlight. All medical, dental and life insurance policies must be top notch, of course, with a hefty sum at the end. We make sure the contestants are more than just fit and healthy, but exceptional thoroughbreds of the human race. Quick minded. Strong of body. Resilient constitution. The human that all others want to be.

Then, we make them survive for a month. I already have an isolated island that can easily fit a quarter of Los Angeles on it. Forests, caves, deserts, snowy mountains, unpredictable weather, make it so that if they land there, they will struggle for every last waking breath! Oh, the crowds will love it!

[laughter, followed by sickly coughing]

But, here’s the best part, my friend. The show will not last that promised month. No. We will have to make some excuse to the contestants, of course, but when the promised extraction should arrive, it simply… won’t. And that, my friend, is when the real show will start.

Imagine what would happen. Imagine the panic. Imagine the fear. Imagine the hatred and carnage. The cruel things they will devise to hunt one-another down. The allegiances they will make and then break. Imagine the views! Finally, a reality show with longevity, showing the worst of us for our very own entertainment!

[pants a bit, sips drink, regains composure, smiles]

So tell me, my friend. [low, sinister] Are you ready to throw the devils dice?

@Cercris Hey that’s my idea…damn it xD I had the same idea of Rust being a hunger-games like reality show, seems you already have it covered.
Maybe I’ll give it a try anyway since not 100 % is the same in my vision.

Not to be rude but this isn’t the place to post your own ideas unless it adds on to mine. So if you have improvements I can accept constructive criticism. Make your own thread if you want to advertise your story.

@Cercris - The ending to your story doesn’t make sense. Logic dictates that instead of turning on each other they would work together to get off the island. Not turn on one another and kill. Your story just doesn’t fit with the game.