RUST ban.

I played RUST on the official server, without cheats, and at the next day I was banned. Wtf guys?

I also blocked

They’re getting smarter. Private profile. Any other way to see if he’s VAC banned?

But that says no VAC ban. Also Cheatpunch says no ban for the URL you posted.

So maybe he just got banned from s specific server? Don’t piss off the admin next time :wink:

you see a vac ban also on private profiles!

My profiles

It appears you have been VAC banned. Facepunch only makes the game, they have no influence over VAC and cannot help you with a VAC ban. You need to get in contact with Steam Support if you wish to dispute your ban. Know that Valve only will unban you if it turns out you were affected by some sort of mass error on their behalf. They also WILL NOT DISCLOSE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE BANNED FOR.

no one cares, seriously!
you have to buy a new copy and create a new steam account

Another Ruski* bites the dust.

tl;dr go to valve

Probably cheating.

A lot of these “unfairly” banned people want to know exactly what triggered the ban. If the exact “hack” that triggered it was revealed it would give the writer a heads up to make it harder to detect, since upon learning the “victim” would go bitch to where they got the “hack” from.

I love this game.

I hope you’ve got some rubles saved up because you’re gonna have to create another account and purchase Rust again if you want to play and unless you want to get “mysteriously” banned again you might want to consider just playing the actual game instead of being a cheating asshole.