Rust Ban

So last night i was playing rust then i left to go play battlefield 4 but kept rust running in the back round in case we started to get raid. Got off around 9pm est. Now when i got home to get on it says im in game banned from all server i just dont know why i wasn’t running anything besides battlefield last night any help will do.


I have a program i run when playing Battlefield its to make the game border less and used for my joystick to fly I dont know if this could have cause the problem to get me banned ?

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))

Image below/above

Thank you billy

Stop using cheats.

^Like i said i wasnt even playing rust at the time was on Battlefield 4. Never used any type or came close to using cheats or hacks on rust

EAC doesn’t ban instantly so the fact that you were playing BF at the time is meaningless. The detection could’ve been weeks ago.

Another ban wave, another round of these threads.

EAC can review the detection records they have on you. If hacks were detected, you’re done. If the detection was a mistake, the ban will be removed from your account. Post your ID and then hang tight for EAC to confirm.


The ban is from a definite detection of a paid cheat. The ban is permanent.

This game is easy to play, if you need a cheat to play rust you suck at games. But really Garry loves all the free money your giving him. I bet the coder that wrote up that script is enjoying his money too.