[Rust]Banned (Application- name steam) samumumu1999@hotmail.com)

Dear Admin, I agree that I cheated. Its been 2 days since I’m ban and I would have another chance in this server is was the best until now cover. In case of return I would make video of your game and then his will be a proof that I cheat ever could. I had my lessons then you made me realize it was you point it was useless. I hope you will understand the message and I’m really honest.

Steam: samsequin email: samumumu1999@hotmail.com
Name IGN : Application-

Thanks you

If only it was that easy…

are you 15

If you were banned from a server other than official ones, you need to take it up with the person in charge of that server. If you were VAC banned, Facepunch does not have any sort of authority over VAC and therefore cannot unban you. You would need to get in touch with Steam Support to dispute it.

Also, by any chance did you use something to add a map to the game other than opening Steam Web Browser and looking it up? Any sort of Map Addon is considered a cheat/“hack” as far as VAC is concerned despite it not being completely malicious.

i speak french little bit english

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yes I am banished to an official server.

Yup, that’s a VAC ban. :v:

They’re permanent, and if you’re admitting you cheated, well, it’s never coming off. Don’t even bother to bug Steam Support, it’s not happening.

You were warned on the loading screen every time. Now go away.


Yet another $20 gone like fart in the Saharan desert.

Bah alors, on cheat et on vient pleurer?

Garry isn’t complaining mate

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also OP I VERY MUCH SUGGEST you edit your email out

someone could use this against you

like not a threat or anything I just hope no one scams/spams/threatens you, please ASAP

you hacked, now suck it deep… you want a chance for what? to try cheating again without getting caught? γαμώ την μάνα σου μπάσταρδε <----------- GOOGLE IT!!!

Don’t think he minds blowing his money anyway.

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